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Honest to Goodness – Organic Coconut Whipping Cream


Made from excellent organic ingredients. Organic coconut cream and tapioca.
Honest to Goodness uses all certified organic ingredients that are prepared with no fillers or additives. In addition, the ingredients are ethically sourced and do not support child labour. The brand values sustainable agriculture and ethical sourcing, obtaining their products as close to their native origins as possible to ensure the best possible price and quality for their customers. When possible, the brand sources quality Australian grown products. Honest to Goodness conducts supplier onboarding documentation about manufacturing and working conditions and in 2020 they conducted environmental and ethical surveying on the majority of their key suppliers to ensure their values are aligned.
Honest to Goodness is a BCorp Certified brand and is committed to being NetZero by 2030. They sell many of their products in bulk to help reduce packaging and encourage refill. Nearly half of their retail space is fill-your-own bulk bins and their packaged goods are packed in resealable, recyclable or reusable containers wherever possible. The brand’s office space utilises worm farming, recycling of on-site materials and they use biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper void in their shipping boxes instead of plastic/bubble wrap. Damaged goods that can’t be sold (e.g. dented in shipping) are given to staff members rather than being thrown away.
Every Christmas, the Honest to Goodness team hand-selects several charities to support that are making a positive impact on people and the planet. In addition, overstock of still edible food products are donated to OzHarvest.

What our experts say...

Hands down the best coconut cream I have tried – finally, a product with great ingredients and great taste. Whips perfectly and is very easy to use. I loved to read about the long term relationship with the coconut farm, and the assurance that no child labour is used. The ingredients are perfect. The company has a clear plan on sustainability and I appreciate the compostable paper, the availability of bulk options and recycling channels, as well as their positive social commitments.

– Jade Woodd

It is bloody delicious. My 18 month old son ate a quarter of a can when we were testing it. The brand has lots of great initiatives and supply chain positives.

– Rebecca Sullivan

Firm and creamy upon scooping it out of the tin – even at the bottom, this whips in seconds to a divine, firm holding, richly flavoured and decadent cream. I have used this solo and also added icing sugar to it, to pipe onto cupcakes. Reliable, easy and delicious, this has enabled me to elevate my vegan treats to the next level. I’m so pleased I found it and have made multiple purchases since! I really admire Honest to Goodness for their commitment to NetZero 2030.

– Emily Fletcher

Finally a plant-based whipping cream that keeps its promise. This all natural organic coconut cream has no unnecessary added sugars and forms perfectly poised peaks when whipped. A must have in any vegan foodie’s kitchen.

– Dominique Scott

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