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Honest to Goodness – Organic Decaf Single Origin Coffee



Introducing an organic decaffeinated coffee, ideal for coffee enthusiasts seeking a buzz-free experience. This medium roast showcases rich flavours of caramel, dark chocolate and raisins. Enjoy the taste and ritual of coffee without compromising on your caffeine intake.

Made from excellent clean ingredients. Organic Decaffeinated Coffee Beans.
Honest to Goodness Organic Decaf Single Origin Coffee is sourced from local community farms in Mexico, ensuring an ethical supply chain. The coffee beans used in their products are certified organic and a strict vetting process is implemented to prevent any involvement of child labour. The brand prides itself on its commitment to using ethically sourced ingredients without unnecessary fillers or additives, aligning with their "no nasties added" philosophy. With an ACO certification, they assure customers of the authenticity of their organic claims. Honest to Goodness values long-lasting relationships with sustainable growers and suppliers, prioritising trust and integrity. They prefer working directly with suppliers who share their values, maintaining short supply chains and conducting surveys to assess environmental and ethical practices of key suppliers.
Honest to Goodness demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. They prioritise environmentally friendly practices in their coffee production, using the Mountain Water Process (MWP) for decaffeination, which utilizes water instead of chemicals. As a B-Corp brand since 2015, they are dedicated to sustainable business practices. They aim to achieve NetZero by 2030 and actively promote bulk sales to reduce packaging waste. Honest to Goodness utilises resealable and recyclable paper for their flours, reusable containers for liquids and BPA-free tins. They minimise waste by giving damaged goods to staff and ensuring dedicated recycling channels for plastics and cardboard. Their shipping boxes are filled with biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable paper void instead of plastic or bubble wrap. They encourage customers to reuse and repurpose their shipping boxes whenever possible.
Honest to Goodness prioritises their collective social and environmental responsibility as a core value. Excess but still edible food products are donated to OzHarvest, reducing food waste. The brand launched Project Timor in 2021, where 100% of the profits from their Organic Neighbours Blend Coffee are donated to provide quality education and nourishment to young women in Maliana, Timor Leste. The project encompasses initiatives like the Food for Thought Program, providing students with three meals a day, the Colegio Scholarship Program for tertiary education, and the creation of a Teacher Professional Learning Centre. Honest to Goodness also promotes community connections through their buying group portal, making quality whole foods and products more accessible while fostering networks of like-minded individuals. They prioritise sourcing products directly from ethical and sustainable suppliers who support their staff and the community, ensuring fair wages and access to essential services.

Product reviews from our experts…


I’m not usually a fan of decaf coffee as I find it personally for me not strong enough, but I didn’t mind this one. Nice aroma – has a slight sweet kind of nutty flavour. The packaging is nice and bright, feels fun and would stand out amongst competitor brands. Clean ingredients are great and I love that they are ethically sourced!

I love that they donate excess but still edible waste to Ozharvest, and also give their staff damaged goods instead of discarding them into waste. Also a bit hat’s off in regards to donating 100% of their profits from their Organic Neighbours Blend Coffee to Project Timor; which helps provide quality education and nourishment to young women in Maliana.

–Samantha Gilmore


I love that this brand has given the same respect to their decaf product. Most companies think of decaf as an afterthought, but actually there are lots of reasons that people might opt for a decaf coffee. The taste of this coffee is really smooth and you can’t ‘taste’ that it’s decaf!!

I am impressed by everything! A company that not only gives back 100% of profits but also seeks to reduce their footprint at every level.

–Lucy Cousins


Not everyone can tolerate caffeine, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to enjoy the taste and experience of a good cup of coffee too. I am also impressed by the considered thought put into each step of the coffee-making process.

–Sarah Berry

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