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Honeysticks – Bath Crayons


​​Made from excellent non-toxic materials.
Honeysticks use New Zealand-owned and operated suppliers wherever possible, audit all their global raw materials suppliers and ensure fair pay for employees. None of their products are tested on animals. Honeysticks is also in the process of becoming a B-Corp certified company.
Honeysticks only use materials that are able to be reused and are biodegradable or recyclable. Their main ingredient Beeswax is a natural by-product of the honey industry and is sustainably sourced throughout New Zealand. No plastic is used in products or shipping and even their bath crayon labels are made from an innovative crushed rock product developed in New Zealand. All soft plastics and cardboard are recycled and Honeysticks re-use or rehome any materials that they can't avoid being delivered, such as plastic shipment pallets and storage barrels.
Honeysticks are a key sponsor of NZ Bee Aware Month, which educates the public on the importance of bees and the impact they have on our ecosystem. The company also sponsors community events such as free art-making activities for children at the Auckland Art Gallery. Donations are provided to Auckland Down Syndrome Association, Balance Boxes, GOSH and SOS Children’s Village.

What our experts say...

My boys loved the bath crayons, such a fun way to encourage a love with bath time! The crayons were strong, not breaking easily and could easily be stored in the tin after use to be used again and again. Colours were vibrant and washed off easily. Great travel size for trips away. I would purchase and gift this product.

Non-toxic materials are really important especially during bath time. The brand’s support for product related charities including bees and children with additional needs is great.

– Mikaela Hanson

My 5 year old daughter loves these so much, she’s even been convinced to do maths whilst in the bath, just so she can play with them! They have enabled many an artwork to appear on our bath and provided great enjoyment. I do recommend these for a 4+ age group due to the more concentrated way an older child will use them and understand the need to help clean up after.

– Emily Fletcher

The kids adore using these bath crayons to create colourful drawings while they bathe. For me, I just love knowing that the materials are safe and non-toxic, especially as the crayons likely leech into the bath water! I really appreciate that this company is B-Corp certified and that the products and packaging are zero waste.

– Emma Freeman

Such a great idea and so fun for the kids. Anything that increases bath time and gives me a break in the afternoon is great for me.

– Amanda Callan

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