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Honour Wellness – Revitalise Superblend



Revitalise Superblend is a wellness product designed specifically for mothers. It contains nourishing superfoods and adaptogenic herbs that aim to reduce stress, boost energy and improve sleep quality. Packed with essential nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin C, and magnesium, it supports postpartum recovery and overall vitality during motherhood.

Made from excellent organic ingredients including Organic grass-fed, freeze-dried, beef liver powder with adaptogenic herbs.
Honour Wellness is an Australian-owned and run business that manufactures their products locally in Australia.
Honour Wellness is committed to sustainability and uses glass jars for product packaging, recyclable shipping boxes and compostable shipping mailers. They also use 100% organic ingredients and employ regenerative farming practices for their grass-fed beef liver powder.
Honour Wellness donates $1 from every order to the organisation Destiny Rescue annually, which focuses on rescuing children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking through rescue, reintegration and prevention programs in multiple countries. The brand also helps raise funds and awareness for the cause in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Product reviews from our experts…


As a busy postpartum Mother, I really valued this product and the nutritional support it has offered me. I love that it can support in different ways, depending on the time of the day it is consumed. I found it especially beneficial to consume right before bedtime to assist in deep rest and rejuvenation. The hand blender made it easy to create a smooth blend which ultimately made it easier to drink. My skin was brighter, I had more energy and my mood seemed more regulated. The re-usable glass jar and compostable packaging is beautiful and the HW branding is so elegant. This is a wonderful product for Mothers and I would definitely purchase it again in the future!

I value the support of regenerative farming practices and sourcing of organic grass-fed, freeze-dried beef liver and adaptogenic herbs. Quality matters! I value that this product is non GMO, free of fillers and preservatives. I was also impressed by the packaging/shipping being able to return most of it to my compost and re-use the glass jar!

–Zenaya Sol


Postpartum depletion is an under-discussed topic and I love that it has been brought to light with this divine product that supports and replenishes new mothers. As a tired mum myself, I have enjoyed the ritual of adding it to green juice in the mornings. The flavour, despite containing beef liver, is sweet and palatable.

I also truly appreciate that the hero ingredient in this product is produced using regenerative farming practices and that the brand supports a much-needed cause.

–Emma Freeman


I loved the ingredients list as it’s everything I’m looking for in a postpartum nursing blend. It’s easy to use in smoothies and is a nutrient packed wellness blend.

I’m impressed by the container because it can be used again once the product has been finished. I also love that $1 is donated to Destiny Rescue annually, which focuses on rescuing children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking through rescue.

–Katherine Hay

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