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Hemp Gallery – Pure Hemp Linen Sheet Set


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% Pure Hemp.
Hemp Gallery source hemp because it is a renewable fibre as well as cotton, wool and tencel, because they are better for the environment than other materials. The brand is committed to ensuring as many of their organic cotton products as possible carry the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certification. Their hemp is grown sustainably in China with little to no chemicals and pesticides. There are no irritants for asthma or allergy sufferers. Bed Linen is sewn, manufactured and packed in Sydney, Australia by another family business.
Hemp fabric is a sustainably farmed plant that is also biodegradable and leaves no toxic residue. In addition industrial hemp can be grown on a plot of land consistently, without the need for pesticides or the need for crop rotation. Hemp Gallery uses material off-cuts to produce their other products such as tea towels, produce bags, nut bags and beeswax wraps. The brand provides a ‘package free’ option to customers, so all swing tags, boxes, sleeves etc are removed and utilised elsewhere and they encourage customers to return packaging for recycling. Their bed linen comes without cardboard keeping the bed linen stiff and is packaged in a 100% hemp tote bag that can be reused for years. They dispatch orders using biodegradable satchels and bubble packs and offer customers carbon neutral delivery at a small additional cost. For customer deliveries, Hemp Gallery reuses all cardboard cartons and boxes, as well as bubble wrap that they have received.
Hemp Gallery supports i=change with $1 from every sale going towards the customers choice of charity. For almost 20 years, Hemp Gallery Australia has donated used, customer returned, bed linen to animal shelters and zoos. A percentage of the brand’s sales from their ‘Boat People’ tea towels are donated to NATSIWA (National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Alliance). In addition, Beatrice (the founder) regularly partakes in workshops, conferences and talks with local schools, councils, farmers, universities and colleges about the benefits of hemp not only on the environment, but in our daily life. Hemp Gallery also has a recycling program at their showroom and market stalls. Since the launch of this program over 1000 kg preloved bed linen, towels, skincare containers and 369 hemp seed bottles and packaging have been donated by customers.

What our experts say...


Hemp Gallery’s pure hemp linen pillowcase is really beautifully made. It feels so luxurious and soft. It is a generous size with an easily accessible opening in the centre back which is such a great position. Such gorgeous fabric – perfect for a relaxing bedroom. I appreciate that they visit with their factory and family businesses to maintain good working relationships and quality and have ongoing reviews of business practices to ensure sustainability.

–Corrine Sultana


The pure hemp linen fabric was soft, gentle and very comfortable bedding fabric. The slub yarn effect provided a beautiful visual texture that layered great with my other bedding. I appreciated the selection of hemp fibre due to its renewable and environmental qualities. In addition, it was great to read that hemp is grown with little to no chemicals and pesticides. This is important to me as I have very sensitive skin and therefore very selective on the fabrics I use for my bedding.

–Renee Carpenter


So much nicer than any linen bedding I’ve owned before. It’s so nice to review a product that ultimately you want to own and purchase with your own money. I absolutely loved trialing this product. I can sleep a bit hot so this linen had a lovely breathable and cooling effect on my face. I love that this is not my auntie’s 90’s style of hemp. Which consisted of muted rainbow hippy pants. This hemp is utterly chic and so sophisticated. I love that they use ichange so that the consumer can feel like they have made a personal contribution to a charity of their choosing. Clearly they care about the Australian environment and I think it’s incredibly important that they pay respect to First Nations people. This is something I wish all businesses would adopt.

–Samantha Christian

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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