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I Love Linen – French Flax Bedding


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Flax and cotton.
I Love Linen uses OKEOTEX certified fabric. The flax used is grown in France and then sent to China where it is made by a family owned maker. The founder has made numerous personal visits to inspect working conditions and the maker is SA8000 rated, meaning workers are treated ethically and paid fairly. I Love Linen choose not to use formaldehyde as a setting agent for their colour dyes, and while this means the colour will not last as long they are removing toxic chemicals from the supply chain.
I Love Linen uses linen as it is one of the most sustainable fabrics you can buy, it uses less water than other materials such as cotton and it keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter meaning that you require less air con or heaters (less energy used). The brand does not use formaldehyde which is toxic to the earth and skin, they ensure their makers do not send items individually wrapped in plastic, they choose to ship in a very simple way using recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable tape. The items are then wrapped in brown paper and all brand information is printed on recycled card stock without the use of plastic.
I Love Linen has donated to MS Australia, Polished Man, Injalak Arts and Crafts Association, The Loveland Foundation, Beyond Blue, The Mito Foundation, Happy Boxes, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Wires Wildlife Rescue, and A21. This year the brand is releasing a beautiful print collaboration with an indigenous artist and will be working with a number of indigenous people in the marketing and creative content for this launch. I Love Linen also promotes important events on social media such as Naidoc Week and National Sorry Day.

What our experts say...

Really lovely pillows. The colour was versatile and the quality of the material was lovely. It kept a really lovely temperature and the material had a nice firm structure to it while remaining soft enough to feel snug. The packaging was thoughtful and you could see that the brand went to great lengths to ensure that it was sustainably legitimate. All in all, a stellar pillow that I would recommend to my friends and followers.

Again, I love the choices of initiatives and charities that the brand supports. That they have visited the families and factories and ensured fair pay and working conditions is really important. I love that they have taught their children about these processes too. The packaging was great and I really appreciated the lack of plastic.

– Emily Ehlers

Out of all the bedding I have reviewed in the Clean and Conscious Awards this year this one is my favourite! I adore the beautiful colours, the fabric is so soft and feels really high quality. They look so beautiful on my bed too!

I love that the founder of this brand has taken their children to the factories where their product is manufactured to inspire the future generation about the importance of ethical manufacturing! As an instagram micro-influencer I also love that when working with “muses” they ask them to choose a charity to donate too from sales made. I have never heard of a brand doing this and think it a fabulous idea! What a great range of charities they have managed to contribute to!

– Shannon Welch

Sweet dreams are made of these. So beautiful to look at and such a versatile fabric too which is perfect and cool for summer, but with a substantial enough weight and texture that they are cosy for winter too. I love that I Love Linen is so aware of their supply chain ethics, as well as their manufacturing ingredients and using their voice for good.

–Emily Fletcher

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