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In the Raw Byron Bay – Organic Body Wash – Namaste



This product is a vegan, toxin-free face, hands and body wash made from 97% organic ingredients and 3% natural ingredients. It contains organic coconut, sunflower, olive and avocado oils with retained glycerin to leave the skin soft and moisturised. Scented with pure essential oils of bergamot, sandalwood, sweet orange and ylang-ylang.

Formulated with excellent clean, 97% organic ingredients including Certified organic olive and avocado oils and ylang ylang and sweet orange essential oils.
In the Raw Byron Bay is an Australian brand that creates handmade soap sourced from a small family business that uses traditional soap-making methods. The soap is made from sustainably grown vegetable oils without the use of chemicals and is labelled and packaged in a solar-powered studio. The products are vegan-friendly, contain no additives or preservatives, and are safe for children to use. The brand prides itself on its ethical practices and uses recyclable BPA-free PET bottles.
In the Raw Byron Bay offers recyclable BPA free PET bottles safe for use in showers and by small children, made from 100% natural and biodegradable plant-based ingredients. The products are formulated, labelled, and packaged in a solar-powered studio by hand without the use of machinery. The brand avoids unnecessary packaging, offers calico bags for reuse, recycles packaging materials and is investigating solar battery storage and plans to embrace a refill system for its product within its bricks and mortar store in the near future.
The brand has a history of providing financial donations to a variety of causes including Liberation Larder, AIG/Remote Laundries Project Mullumby District Neighbourhood Centre, and Haus of Armour. Going forward, their main focus is to support various charities and organizations aimed at assisting victims of domestic violence. They source their supplies and work with other ethical companies who prioritise humanity, the environment and sustainability.

Product reviews from our experts…


You had me at filtered rain water! This was a really uplifting experience. Namaste all day, I loved using this body wash. It almost feels virtuous as you slide over your skin with the gentle fragrances that envelops your body. You could also use this as a handwash that would level up any en-suite or vanity but I prefer to keep it all to myself to use on repeat!

Solar powered, small batch, all australian and hand crafted, this is my clean beauty dream! I also love that they have a focus on DV victims for their charitable giving.

–Amy Hughes


I like that I can use this for taking my makeup off as well as cleansing my body. It’s a little more liquid than I am used to with a body wash but it lathers up well and will probably last longer than other thicker ones!

I like that this brand is a small family business, with the focus on hand-made, small batched products. I respect the transparency of their “97% Organic 3% Natural ” label and I think it’s amazing that they are thinking of a refill station in their new bricks and mortar building.

–Lucy Cousins


In the Raw makes washing my hands and body a pleasure! Everything about this product is so lovely, my daughters enjoy washing their hands and bodies now too. I’m also impressed by the focus on organic, natural ingredients and the attention to solar power and remaining local.

–Sarah Berry

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