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In the Raw Byron Bay – Repair + Nourish



Repair + Nourish is a natural and organic face cream that promotes collagen and elastin production while preventing dry and aging skin. This vegan and non-GMO product soothes, nourishes and repairs the skin, enhancing its tone and texture.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including organic hemp seed and camellia oils, organic prickly pear and cucumber.
In the Raw Byron Bay is an Australian brand that handcrafts its skincare products in small batches at a solar-powered studio with minimal use of powered equipment. Their ingredients are sourced from reputable Australian suppliers and are chosen for their organic, natural, cold-pressed, non-GMO and raw qualities. The brand is vegan-friendly and their products are not tested on animals. They use no additives or preservatives to ensure the highest natural authenticity. Their hydrogenated soy is grown sustainably with a long-standing agricultural history and is GMO-free. The U.S-based manufacturer of their hydrogenated soy promotes sustainable practices to meet the world's growing demand for soy.
In The Raw Byron Bay places a strong emphasis on sustainability, with a focus on minimizing unnecessary packaging and recycling all accompanying materials. They offer customers calico bags to replace traditional plastic bags and are investigating the use of solar battery storage during seasonal shortages. All product labels are either biodegradable or recyclable, and the manufacturer of their hydrogenated soy in the US promotes sustainable practices to help meet the growing demand for soy while ending deforestation related to soy production.
The brand has a history of providing financial donations to a variety of causes including Liberation Larder, AIG/Remote Laundries Project, Mullumbimby District Neighbourhood Centre, and Haus of Armour. Going forward, their main focus is to support various charities and organizations aimed at assisting victims of domestic violence. They source their supplies and work with other ethical companies who prioritise humanity, the environment and sustainability.

Product reviews from our experts…


If you love products crafted with beautiful botanical ingredients you’ll love this. It’s easy to apply and leaves the skin feeling soft and protected. I also love that the brand is committed to supporting so many great charities and causes.

–Ash Quinn


A little bit of luxe in a pot, this gave me balmy byron vibes with an expensive feel. A little goes a long way as it melts into the skin for a hydrated and glowy finish. I even pop this in my handbag to re-apply throughout the day for a glowy refresh when out and about. Apply on the high points of the face as a dewy highlighter and/or all over before bed for a nighttime treat. Delicious!

Solar powered, small batch, all australian and hand crafted this is my clean beauty dream! I also love that they have a focus on DV victims for their charitable giving.

–Amy Hughes


I found this really nourishing on the skin. I was impressed by the blend of ingredients used. This made my skin feel really hydrated after using it.

I love that it’s formulated with clean ingredients and that they practice sustainability. They also seem to have their eye on the ball when it comes to recycling.

–Eljay Esson

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