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INCA Organics – Certified Organic Whey Raw Cacao Protein Powder


Made from excellent ingredients. 3 pure ingredients: Certified organic grass fed whey protein concentrate, Organic Fair Trade Peruvian cacao powder and natural stevia.
INCA’s wellness supplements are made and packed locally in a certified organic production facility using only organic and natural ingredients. The brand is committed to sourcing ethical ingredients from suppliers who have in place policies and standards that seek to provide safe, secure and non-discriminatory working environments, good working conditions, freedom of association and collective bargaining, prohibit forced labour and child labour (including modern slavery) and prohibit bribery and corruption.
INCA Organics focus on using sustainable packaging as well as reducing, reusing and recycling materials. The brand’s packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable wherever possible (e.g. shipping boxes made with recycled cardboard, using paper tape, paper void fill or degradable eco wrapping). For example, the whey protein tubs are made locally from >70% recycled material. The lids and scoops are also made locally and are recyclable. INCA Organics also use a delivery provider that has 100% carbon neutral delivery service (e.g. Sendle).
INCA Organics aims to support the community through involvement in local groups, sporting clubs (sponsorship, fundraising initiatives and events) and charity organisations who support disadvantaged people in the community.

What our experts say...


I love that minimal ingredients are used and mildly sweetened with stevia. Very easy to add into smoothies and breakfast bowls! As a nutritionist I love that they work with charity organisations and offer nutritional advice to people in disadvantaged communities. I think they show great community efforts!

–Caitlin Rule


I love the simple packaging that can easily be reused, with the lid being manufactured in Australia. A product with only 3 clean ingredients is always a winner too. I personally love buying NZ organic dairy as I believe it is generally some of the best in the world, and still consider it a fantastic local choice for Australia. I would definitely buy this product. I love that INCA cares so much about the community and actively works with groups.

–Jade Woodd


I love that this protein powder contains just 3 pure ingredients. I really appreciate that the formulation is organic – both the protein and the cacao, and I found the taste delicious. Many other powders I find too sweet, but this hits the spot perfectly. I will definitely buy again.

–Emily Fletcher

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