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Inika Organic – Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Booster



This oil-free booster features 25% Certified Organic Kakadu Plum, known for its remarkable antioxidant properties and unrivaled natural Vitamin C content. It effectively shields the skin from pollutants and diminishes signs of aging.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including 25% Certified organic Kakadu plum.
Inika Organic offers 100% natural and effective products that are free from synthetic substances, animal-origin ingredients, parabens, sulphates, PEGS, polysorbates, talc or bismuth oxychloride, fragrances or colour components of non-organic or synthetic origin and chelating agents based on EDTA and its salts. The brand is committed to Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Halal, and Vegan values and its products are rigorously tested and certified by various natural and organic certifications. Inika also ensures that all its ingredients are ethically sourced and its Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Booster is made in Australia.
Inika is the first makeup brand to become certified plastic neutral globally in 2022. The brand took four steps to achieve this, which included measuring their plastic footprint, reducing plastic use by 84%, offsetting the remaining 10% by funding the collection and recycling of 4.7 tonnes of plastic and becoming certified by Australia's first Plastic Neutral Certifier Waste Revolution. The brand launched a range of innovative packaging alternatives to replace traditional virgin plastic with sustainable options like recyclable aluminium, sugarcane-derived bio-resin tubes, glass bottles and jars, fermented corn and cassava, and post-consumer recycled plastic.
Inika’s offset credits fund waste management companies like Plastic Forests, which collect and recycle plastic, through which INIKA funded 800 fence posts made from hard-to-recycle plastics in 2022. The fence posts were donated to fire and flood-affected farmers in Edenhope, Victoria, and volunteers from charity organization BlazeAid utilized them to re-build fence lines and replant trees.

Product reviews from our experts…


Gorgeous product – the super-clean, oil-free, minimal ingredients (mainly just Certified Organic kakadu plum, glycerin and water) made my skin feel smooth and glowy without being heavy or sticky. No plastic here: the bottle is glass with an aluminium lid. Love it!

As for their ethics and sustainability, Inika doesn’t pull any punches; they were the first makeup brand to become certified plastic neutral globally in 2022. Their many certifications – as a vegan, organic, Halal brand – speak volumes about their commitment to not just beauty products but the planet.

–Kelley Sheenan


I love that this formula contains 25% Kakadu plum. A little goes a long way and the serum feels cool and refreshing against my skin. Despite a high amount of vitamin C, my skin is hydrated.

I’m impressed that INIKA is certified plastic neutral. I also admire their commitment to waste reduction and giving back to society.

–Emma Freeman


I simply adore this Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Booster by Inika! The fun canary yellow bottle is both aesthetically and functionally outstanding. The serum is made simply yet intentionally and I found it really effective at brightening the skin and targeting my pigmentation .

I am also so impressed that INIKA Organic was the first makeup brand to become certified plastic neutral globally in 2022. What an incredible achievement!

–Dominique Scott

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