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Innerbloom Tea – The Cycle Set


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

The Cycle Set is a unique range of four herbal tea blends, made from 100% organic ingredients and formulated by naturopaths. Each blend supports one of the four phases of the menstrual cycle, offering women a way to connect with their body’s natural rhythm. A groundbreaking concept, it is the first of its kind.

Made from excellent 100% organic ingredients.
Innerbloom Tea sources ingredients from Australian farms, paying higher prices for small batch hand-harvested herbs such as Lady's Mantle and Mugwort from a certified organic farm in Tasmania to ensure quality and support local farmers. Imported herbs are purchased from reputable companies that guarantee fair trade and organic practices to prevent child labour and other unethical practices. The brand buys Australian natives from a supplier that works with Indigenous communities to wild harvest and organically process produce, creating seasonal employment for over 1000 Indigenous Australians. All blends are hand-blended, packed, and shipped from the Byron Bay warehouse.
Innerbloom Tea has 100% plastic-free packaging and refillable tea tins to reduce their environmental impact. Their tea blend cards are made from recycled materials and their mailers are comPOST or Pollastic bags that have a double seal so they can be reused. Additionally, they offer a pick-up option from their Byron warehouse to save on packaging, time, money, and resources for customers. Refills made with recyclable packaging will be available in the next couple of months.
Sam Shepherd, founder of Innerbloom Tea, has been giving free talks to educate women about being deeply connected to their bodies and cycles. She believes that education is a crucial component for empowering women and was something that was lacking in her own upbringing. Sam is passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom through speaking engagements.

Product reviews from our experts…


I loved this product from the packaging, to the incredible carefully selected blends for each phase of the menstrual cycle. The taste of each tea was excellent. I’m also impressed by the 100% plastic-free packaging and refillable tea tins to reduce their environmental impact.

–Katherine Hay


Periods are a mostly-ignored topic, especially in relation to women’s health. Drinking these four expertly-blended teas has brought a sense of awareness to my cycle and how each phase impacts my body and mental health. Enjoying these exquisite teas daily is an exercise in self-care and a beautiful tribute to the inherent feminine power within. My favourites are the PMS blend (containing a heavenly blend of lavender, cacao and lady’s mantle, like a hug in a cup) and the period blend (a delicious blend of rooibos and rose and other supportive ingredients, an even bigger hug).

A great deal of effort has also been made by Innerbloom Tea to ensure that ingredients are ethically sourced and that local farmers and communities are supported.

–Emma Freeman


I love the concept of these products and I was wowed from the moment I opened the vibrant packaging! The intentionally crafted organic tea blends are practical, delicious and the herbs are of really great quality. As a Herbalist, I am impressed!

I appreciate that Innerbloom chooses to source the finest quality organic herbs from reputable companies – both Australian and Imported – that support our Indigenous Communities and guarantee fair trade and organic practices to prevent child labour and other unethical practices overseas. The plastic free packaging and reusable tins are also valuable to me. I would love to order this product again and look forward to seeing the recyclable packaging refills become available.

–Zenaya Sol

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