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Innersense Organic Beauty – Clarity Hairbath



This hypoallergenic and fragrance-free shampoo contains Comfrey Leaf and Japanese Swertia extracts to soothe scalp irritations. Its antioxidant-rich chufa milk formula restores moisture and enhances hair elasticity.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including comfrey leaf, Japanese swertia and chufa milk.
Clarity Hairbath, a product from Innersense Organic Beauty, contains organic and sustainably sourced ingredients that are minimally processed. Key ingredients include Swertia Extract, Aloe and Chufa Milk, sourced from non-GMO, vegan and fairTSA Product Certified suppliers. Additionally, the brand has strict policies against child labour and validates this with the farms they supply from. The product is manufactured in the United States.
Innersense has created a fully recyclable hair wash product called Clarity Hairbath. It is packaged in a 100% PCR HDPE bottle with a PCR PET cap and the brand offsets its plastic footprint through a partnership with RePurpose Global. In 2022, this partnership removed the equivalent of 2.8 million plastic bottles from the environment.
Innersense is a Certified B-Corporation striving to create a positive impact in the beauty industry by putting people and the planet first. In 2022, the brand donated $25,000 to Save the Children to support relief efforts in Ukraine and more than $300,000 to ongoing partners including Feeding America, Loveland Foundation, Lipstick Angels, William’s Syndrome Association, Women’s Voices for the Earth and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. The brand offset 100% of their carbon emissions, collected 134 pounds of ocean-bound trash and upgraded their HQ office to use energy-saving equipment to reduce carbon footprint.

Product reviews from our experts…


Oh, let me tell you – I’ve fallen head over heels for the Innersense Clarity Hairbath! It’s like a refreshing and mindful journey for my hair every time I use it. Knowing that it’s not only good for my locks but also made with planet-friendly ingredients truly warms my eco-loving heart!

I’m seriously impressed by Innersense Organic Beauty’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility through their Clarity Hairbath. From their thoughtfully sourced ingredients to their strict anti-child labor policies and the fact that the product’s packaging is 100% recyclable with a significant plastic footprint reduction, it’s clear that this brand cares about both our hair and our planet!

–Petria Leggo-Field


This gentle shampoo contains beautiful, nourishing ingredients and has a subtle, sweet scent. Only a small amount is needed to cleanse my hair and my long, dry hair feels soft and nourished after use. I’m also really impressed by this brand’s efforts to source ethically, produce sustainably and give back to global communities in need!

–Emma Freeman


I like that this formula is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free for those with sensitive skin. It lathered and cleansed my hair well! I also like that this company offsets its plastic footprint through a partnership with RePurpose Global.

–Elise Wilson

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