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Intuitive Whispers – Breast Care Deodorant


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients.
Intuitive Whispers offers completely non-toxic, clean and vegan luxury products that involve no testing on animals. Absolutely no child labour is involved in the production of any of their products. Each specialist the brand works with, is paid ethically to reflect their specialist skills, values & contribution. In addition, the brand’s global suppliers have a strong social conscience that aligns with Intuitive Whispers values. All manufacturing is proudly Australian.
At Intuitive Whispers each stage of the supply chain & business is consciously considered. Currently all products are made in Melbourne, with their goal being to always keep it in Australia in order to employ & support locals. The brand’s mailers are from Better Packaging Co, which are compostable after use. Wholesale order stock is sent in recycled boxes (from their suppliers). If bubble wrap or bubble bags are used in deliveries they are made from a minimum of 50% recycled ingredients. Products are made to order, resulting in no excess stock or wastage.
Intuitive Whispers ensures they work with suppliers that provide fair wages, food or other commodities to assist the relevant workers and in turn their families. These suppliers provide the resources and education needed to improve the economy and sometimes even create an economy in some communities. Jobs are created as the need for essential oil is met, with all farming and distilling equipment, as well as training, provided. Farmers and distillers enter into agreements that assure them of fair and timely pay that they can rely on. In addition they provide education, schools and working to provide the necessities of life, such as portable water and needed infrastructure. Intuitive Whispers also actively supports other independent creatives who are specialists within their fields.

What our experts say...

This is a wonderful deodorant option. I was so surprised that a formula like this was so effective as it’s very different to other deodorants. Being oil-based I found it went on smoothly and easily. The essential oils stayed on the skin and gave my underarms a beautiful smell all day long. Worked really well as a deodorant and works perfectly as a perfume as well. Great product that is really dedicated to taking care of not only our armpits but our breasts as well.

– Corrine Sultana

Loved the aroma and the simplicity of the product. Easy to carry in your handbag and loved that it left no marks. I love the brand’s stories of their suppliers, which shows social responsibility in choosing suppliers.

– Courtney Dow

It’s a discreet product, rolls easily and has a really nice fragrance which gets absorbed into the skin, leaving no residue. Considering a large percentage of Intuitive Whisper’s users would be breast-feeding women it’s reassuring to know that there’s no child labour involved. I do like the fact that the SR statement encompasses a large and diverse area, but especially in local sourcing and local employees.

– Ria Andriani

A deodorant like no other I’ve tried – it looks and smells like a fresh, pepperminty perfume in a glass bottle with a roller ball. A selection of specifically chosen for purpose essential oils in a coconut oil base. Very effective and so compact. Perfect to slip into a purse. Delightful.

– Emily Fletcher

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