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Itti Bitti – Bitti Swim – Reusable Swim Nappy



The Bitti Swim reusable swim nappy is a lightweight and breathable accessory suitable for beach, lake and pool use. It is environmentally friendly, gentle on baby’s skin and can also be used under the sprinkler in the backyard.

Made from organic cotton, Food grade non toxic PUL, 100% Polyester with Polyurethane Laminate.
Itti Bitti works with manufacturers in Australia and overseas (including China), which are highly certified in ethical practices for wages, fair work environments, and safety. The factories are open for visits and audits and Itti Bitti partners with them through visits twice a year but has shifted to online work and video calls due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. Itti Bitti is a proud member of Sedex and continuously looks for sustainable ways to produce their eco-friendly products.
Itti Bitti uses OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified fabrics to make their products. They offer packaging-free products, use recycled and reused packaging for online orders, and reuse and recycle in their office and warehouse. Plastic is banned from their office and they wash all their products with natural, non-toxic powder. The office and warehouse are powered by solar panels and their shop only stocks sustainable and reusable products.
Itti Bitti offers a cloth nappy recycling program, accepts all used nappies regardless of brand, and finds ways to reuse the nappies in various ways, such as in community gardens. They also offer a nappy library for customers to hire nappies, donate nappies and baby accessories to organizations supporting domestic violence survivors and donate to organizations helping those in need. The brand also works with daycare centres and public schools to help them with fundraising and hosts free cloth nappy workshops for the local community. Itti Bitti attends sustainability festivals and supports local councils with advertising and awareness for reusable and sustainable baby products.

Product reviews from our experts…


This swim nappy adjusts in size from literally a 3.5kg baby all the way up to a 16kg toddler! Just the one nappy! Not only does this save so many disposable nappies from being sent to landfill, it actually works, is much cheaper in the long term and has the cutest print too. It fits perfectly on my baby nephew and the elastic is gentle enough to accommodate his ample thighs. Itti is an incredible brand that is a true leader in sustainability, accepting all used cloth nappies, no matter the brand and finding ways to reuse those which have reached the end of their life.

–Emily Fletcher


Nice fitting and cute design, I can’t wait to get more use out of this in summer! I also love the creative ways that they look to reuse and repurpose cloth nappies, especially that they will accept all brands. It’s great to know that they care about what happens with their products after sale.

–Courtney Dow


The prints were playful. I also love that they go a step further to offer a nappy library and have a conscious approach to their online ordering by using recycled packaging and reusing packaging!

–Keira Rumble

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