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Itti – itti bitti Tutto


Nappy made from: Outer cover: food grade non toxic PUL. Inner layers: 9 layers of Bamboo, organic cotton, 3 layers of vegan stain proof suede, polyester.
Itti factories are highly certified in ethical practices including wages, fair work environments and safety. They are also a proud member of Sedex and are continually looking for more sustainable ways to produce their eco-friendly products.
Products are made using OEKO-TEX* and GOTS certified fabrics and they do not offer any packaging with them. Orders are shipped in recycled/reused packaging. To reduce their carbon footprint Itti emails all receipts and a majority of instructions and plastic is banned from their office. Furthermore they test and wash all of the products in natural non toxic washing powder.
Itti endeavours to find ways to reuse end of life cloth nappies with their local community and will accept them from any brand. For example they repurpose the bamboo soakers in gardens to help absorb and retain water. They also offer a nappy library, where local customers can hire nappies. Cloth nappies and accessories are donated to many organisations including Bravehearts program, Orphanages and importantly their local community women shelters. Furthermore Itti supports, donates and advocates for Domestic Violence and Child abuse support ensuring they have access to cloth nappies when needed.

What our experts say...


This nappy has a very cute design and I loved that it was a bit more trim than my other nappies to not be as bulky under his clothes. I love the creative ways Itti Bitti looks to reuse and repurpose cloth nappies, especially the fact that they will accept all brands. It’s great to know they care about what happens with their products after sale.

–Courtney Dow


I love how thick the inserts are and the colour coded snaps which made it much easier to pop the inserts in. The print is super cute too. I also love the idea of using the bamboo inserts for the garden and will certainly do this with ours!

–Claire Karlson


This is such a cute and fun print on the shell. I found the snaps were easy to use, and it fit my 15 month old well. I didn’t find any leaks, especially during overnight use. It was super easy to clean and there were no lingering smells. The liner was soft, absorbent and didn’t leave the skin feeling damp. I found it so amazing that they accept all brands of cloth nappies to reuse. Donating to charities in need and even having a cloth nappy library where they can hire out if parents can’t afford the investment of cloth nappies are also incredible initiatives that I liked.

–Samantha Gilmore

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