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Ivadore – Nourish Me Self Tanner


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes raspberry and watermelon seed oils, marshmallow and aloe vera.
All of the ingredients used in Ivadore products are natural/naturally derived and they manufacture their products in Australia. They are in the final stages of being approved for leaping bunny accreditation and have also been recently given cert-clean approval.
Ivadore only uses product packaging that is made from recycled materials or can be 100% recycled. They have a Terracycle partnership to make it easier for customers to safely recycle their packaging and use recycled/repurposed packing for shipping orders. Furthermore their bottles are airless so that there is no product wastage. They are working towards a 3 year goal to transition products to 100% certified organic. Where possible, they purchase all materials and packaging from local Australian businesses/manufacturers.
Ivadore works with small community entities such as schools and women focussed businesses to provide meaningful support at grass roots level through sponsorship and gifting prizes. Products are also locally donated to organisations and groups working towards bettering the lives of women. Ivadore is also dedicated to helping people consume less with more considered purchases and behaviours.

What our experts say...


This product has revolutionised the whole ‘self-tanning’ at home process. I can safely say the tanning lotion does not result in stained clothing, orange ankles and knees and a semi-permanent skin scent you hadn’t planned for. Instead, this unscented cream nourishes the skin with quality ingredients such as watermelon seed oil and marshmallow extract and creates a gentle, natural looking, sun-kissed glow that is activated over time. I love that Ivadore’s range is completely plant-based and cruelty free, which is in line with their core values to be mindful and meaningful to the whole earth and those within it!

–Dominique Scott


I love the size of the bottle and how the pump dispenses the perfect amount of product! The formula is really smooth and easy to apply, it feels more like a hydrating moisturiser than a tanner and it doesn’t have that nasty fake tan smell either which I really appreciate. Once applied it absorbs really nicely into the skin and is fast drying which is very convenient. The result of the tan is a beautiful, healthy and sunkissed glow, not at all orange or unnatural in colour. I love how passionate they are about being cruelty free and not having any ingredients or final products tested on animals. I look forward to them getting Leaping Bunny approved so there is a natural and effective option on the market. I also love how each part of their product and packaging is recyclable, they have made it really easy for consumers to dispose of everything thoughtfully!

–Marisa Robinson


This was gorgeous packaging. I also really loved the way the product spread and how the tan showed up. My nickname at school – for at least a year – was carrot legs. This was due to a terrible tan! Oh, do I wish I had Ivadore Self Tanner back then. I loved feeling comfortable with rubbing a cream over my entire body and not freaking out about the effect it was having. Considering the range of self tanners out there, and the fact you literally cover yourself in cream and let your skin just absorb it (madness)… this is a welcome addition to the line-up! I found Ivadore really lovely to use. It smelt nice and didn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable.

–Emily Ehlers

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