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Juniper Australia – Anti Ageing Revitalising Body Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, Certified organic ingredients. Includes organic rosehip, ylang ylang, frankincense oils and macadamia oils.
Juniper Australia uses Certified Organic ingredients by ACO/USDA in their product formulations and is animal cruelty-free. They have maintained trusted relationships with their certified growers and suppliers - who uphold fair trade and ethical standards - for 20 years.
Recyclable boxes, compostable mailing satchels and where possible, hex wrap and violet glass, are used for packaging and delivery. Juniper Australia products are free of harsh chemicals that damage the skin and the environment. They have also used their voice to advocate against the use of microplastics in skincare or cosmetics within the industry.
Juniper has had a long-standing relationship with the local community and non-profit organisations such as; Women’s Resilience Centre, Mums for Mums, Surf Life Saving and more.

What our experts say...

I’m a big fan of the scent of this beautiful body oil, and I especially love how easy the pump is to control (SO important with body oil! A bad pumping mechanism can create such a mess). The oil disperses easily and is happily absorbed by my skin. My dehydrated, sun damaged skin is soft and hydrated for days after use. I’m a big fan of this local brand and their huge efforts to be both clean and conscious.

– Emma Freeman

This grew on me – the subtle vanilla gave warmth to the fragrance and it absorbed beautifully, without leaving a residue. It really works. Juniper have put so much thought into every step of the supply chain and manufacturing. If only more beauty brands followed their lead.

– Sarah Berry

This body oil is really fine and it soaks in almost immediately. There is a sweet smell to it that isn’t overpowering, and that stays on the skin for most of the day, which I love. I can see a difference in my skin after a week! I love their commitment to being practitioner-led, as that fills me with confidence that the ingredients are good for me, and I like that they support their community so well.

– Lucy E Cousins

With a freshly uplifting scent, this luxuriously rich yet absorbent body oil makes my skin feel amazing. In a base of macadamia and jojoba – both being the closest matches to the naturally occurring sebum of the skin, my skin absorbs this deeply nourishing offering straight away. I love that the ingredients are so thoughtfully chosen for their regenerating properties and that they are all certified organic.

– Emily Fletcher

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