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Juniper Skincare – Teen Cleanser



A teenage skin-targeted cleansing lotion infused with Aloe Vera, enriched with minerals and vitamins. Its formulation includes Wattleseed, Witch Hazel, Thyme and Geranium, selected for their astringent, pore refining, oil balancing and toning properties.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including Certified organic calendula, witch hazel, rosemary and thyme.
Juniper Skincare uses certified organic ingredients that are formulated into their natural products. The brand has maintained trusted relationships with their growers and suppliers for 20 years who adhere to strict certification processes and ethical standards. They are certified growers and suppliers by ACO/USDA. Juniper Skincare is formulated, manufactured, and tested in Warriewood, Sydney, Australia and is a practitioner recommended brand known for consistent high standards and ethical practices.
Juniper is committed to sourcing ingredients ethically and sustainably, and advocating for the use of plant-based, cruelty-free products. The brand educates people on the benefits of using organic ingredients and incorporates eco-friendly packaging and delivery methods. They also choose to pay more to have their stands, packaging and POS locally made to support the local community and reduce their environmental footprint. Juniper Skincare publicly opposes the cosmetic industry's use of microplastics and stands by their strong commitment to the planet.
Juniper is an Australian family business that has been selling skincare products for 20 years exclusively through health stores and holistic practitioners. The brand provides clean, organic, and natural skincare that is effective and designed to avoid interfering with hormones or causing any toxic load on the body. Juniper is committed to using certified cruelty-free ingredients and maintaining affordable prices by manufacturing its products in-house. It has a long-standing relationship with local non-profit organizations, including the Women's Resilience Centre and local mental health organizations. Juniper also supports healthy body image for teens and organizations such as the Cancer Council, local police and hospitals, and educational faculties.

Product reviews from our experts…


I liked how refreshed mine and my daughter’s skin looked afterwards. So clear and refreshed and still felt soft and not stripped bare of any moisture.

I am impressed by their use of plant based, organic and natural ingredients whilst still creating a highly effective product. I also respect their sustainability efforts and that they support local suppliers and their community.

–Candice Needham


A great cleanser for teens! The formulation, feel and price point (especially for organic skin care).
Local, certified organic is very hard to find so this is a huge selling point in quality for the brand. All of the packaging was eco friendly.

–Natalie Sellars


When using this cleanser by Juniper I like how hydrating it is and how it’s so smooth and creamy when it is being used. I would purchase this product as it is Australia made and owned and vegan.

–Madison Zagame

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