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Keeko Oil – Copper Tongue Cleaner


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% pure copper.
Keeko manufactures their products in India and are committed to ethical manufacturing practises. Subsequently, they do not use any companies that employ child labour or test on animals. The brand is certified cruelty free with PETA and most of their products (some are still in the process) go through the rigorous review with to be certified Vegan.
Keeko adopts sustainable packaging materials wherever possible. The brand is an official collection point with Terracycle and accepts any brand of toothpaste tube, plastic toothbrush or floss container and makes sure that it gets properly recycled through Terracycle. As an added incentive to get people recycling these items properly they give away a $10 Keeko voucher. Keeko is focusing on future products that include sustainable native Australian botanicals and Australian sourced ingredients wherever possible.
Keeko Oil has supported a number of initiatives including 1% for the Planet, Smile Train and other community appeals like The Australian Bush Fires. They have collaborated with Sustainable Salons to develop a toothbrush holder made from recycled shampoo bottles, with the potential for more products in the future.

What our experts say...

Easy to use, easy to clean and the packaging is plastic-free. I like that the brand supports a number of charities and the collaboration to use recycled plastic in partnership with Sustainable Salons is great in helping close the loop.

– Lindsay Miles

I love that this product has led to greater body and health awareness. Not only am I cleaning my tongue and getting the benefits but I’m exploring how the condition of your tongue indicates your broader health and in doing so am more aware and in touch with my overall wellbeing. This is a zero waste product which is great.

–Jacqui Scruby

I’m married to a Dentist and yet I had never tried tongue scraping before! I’m impressed how clean my tongue feels and I like the thought that I’m further removing any unwanted bacteria from my body. Mouth hygiene is a vital part of total body health.

–Emily Fletcher

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