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KiddiKutter – Child Safe Knives


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Blade - stainless steel with organosilicon coating. Handle - Polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber.
Kiddikutter is produced by a team of 12 people in Guangdong Province, China. The brand works very closely with their factory to ensure the manufacturing and quality ethos is met to the highest standards, following ethical work practices.
Manufactured with recyclable ingredients, Kiddikutter is also a reusable product designed to help phase out a need for single use plastic cutlery. The whole product including packaging can be recycled. KiddiKutter only uses card mailing bags to send retail orders and wholesale orders are sent using recycled product boxes.
KiddiKutter supports the GBV Charitable Trust whose mission is to break the cycle of horrific child violence and abuse. Based in Kenya, the Trust empowers women by giving them sanctuary and setting up Micro businesses to gain independence. Furthermore they support Bravery Buddies an Australian charity. Bravery Buddies are a collection of thoughtfully designed, inclusive dolls for children who are impacted by medical related hair loss. The brand also supports Save the Children and the Lions institute cancer research fund.

What our experts say...


Every parent of a young child should own this knife! Why? Because it teaches children to cut fruit and vegetables without the risk of injury. It also empowers them in the kitchen – my 3 year old is filled with pride knowing he can prepare his own food without me watching his every move. I was a massive fan of this product in the 2020 Awards and I’m an even bigger fan of the updated design. A truly innovative product! I’m impressed with KiddiKutter’s commitment to manufacturing responsibly and sustainably, and I also appreciate their huge efforts to give back to society.

–Emma Freeman


What I love most about this product is that it actually works! Meaning, it cuts through anything. My 2.5 year old loves helping me in the kitchen and I would always give her a blunt butter knife which would only cut the softest of things, so now she can actually learn to cut vegetables and fruit and I know it won’t injure her! In addition, Kiddicutter created a product that’s entirely recyclable from the postage parcel, product box to the product itself ~ wonderful! I resonate with Kiddicutters integrity in thinking about every step of the process of creating this product. I love that this brand is considering their impact and making ethical and sustainable choices in every element of their product.

–Melissa Mai


You should’ve seen my daughter’s eye light up when she got to hold a knife! I hadn’t realised it would be such a monumental moment for her! She loved the kiddikutter and I was excited that there was a safe opportunity for her to learn how to use a knife. The nominated charities and community organisations the brand donates to is such a great list – I’d never heard of Bravery Buddies – what a beautiful initiative! It’s clear KiddiKutter, as a brand (and an entrepreneur) has the best interests of children always front of mind.

–Veronica Milsom

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