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Kiddikutter – Wooden Safe Knife



Kiddikutter knives have a patented blade with rounded serrations that safely cut through food. Made with a durable stainless-steel blade and an easy-to-grip beechwood handle, Kiddikutter promotes child independence and self-confidence. It is suitable for both left and right-handed users.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. A stainless steel blade with a Beechwood handle.
Kiddikutter is produced in Guangdong Province, China, but the owner of the company wanted to make sure its manufacturing aligned with personal values and travelled to China to find a manufacturer. Kiddikutter products are made without the use of underage workers and they follow appropriate ethical work practices. Each manufacturing batch is tested to ensure that strict quality materials are used every time. The brand owner can confidently state that Kiddikutter is ethically produced.
Kiddikutter wooden safe knife is a reusable product made with recyclable ingredients that helps reduce single use plastic cutlery. The product is designed to last many years and the packaging can be recycled as well. Their wholesale orders are shipped in recycled product boxes and only card mailing bags are used for retail orders. All plastic used in the product boxes is made from PP plastic, which is also recyclable.
Kiddikutter supports several charitable organizations to promote social responsibility. They contribute to the GBV Charitable Trust in Kenya to empower women and break the cycle of violence and abuse. They also support Bravery Buddies, an Australian charity that provides dolls for children affected by medical-related hair loss. Additionally, they have a monthly direct debit for Save the Children and donate once a year to the Lions institute cancer research fund. They also donate products for raffles and door prizes to various groups.

Product reviews from our experts…


I LOVE the Kidicutter! We have two already in our home and the kids are obsessed with helping at mealtimes! This one I let Archie use, he is 2 and he really enjoys being included is meal prep. I love the wooden handle and it’s great how it suits left or right handers. Love the little note that came packed with the product and recipe sheet. Washes well and durable – I am so excited that these are safe for the kids to use and know they can help prep independently without the risk of them being able to cut themselves.

I also really love that the product is made to last the years and can be recycled once it’s finished with. A huge bonus is the goal to eliminate plastic cutlery. Great to hear that the product is ethically produced and follows appropriate ethical work practices. Amazing that each batch is tested to ensure that strict quality is met each time.

–Samantha Gilmore


The Kiddikutter wooden safe knife is a super practical utensil to introduce little ones to safe knife usage and handling in the kitchen. I love that it feels quality and actually works while providing a safe alternative for my toddler to learn.

Kiddikutter is focused on creating a long lasting, quality product for the family home. It’s clear this is a practical product that will be used over and over.

–Brittanie Dreghorn


I love both the aesthetic and the practicality of this amazing product! It’s amazing to have a knife that you can be comfortable with your toddler/children using without worrying about them hurting themselves, and gives them the confidence and independence to be involved in family meal prep. The wooden handle is very easy for them to grip and also looks great.

I am also really impressed by the brand’s commitment to supporting multiple charities and causes, it speaks highly to their commitment to social responsibility.

–Emma Meyer

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