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Kylie’s Professional – Goddessey skin Nutrition – Beauty Tonic


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes Certified organic kakadu plum, calendula, rose and aloe.
Products by Kylie’s Professional are Certified toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan. They are 98% made in Australia (Pencils are Made in Germany) and use Certified Organic ingredients where possible. Only made in countries with consistently high ethical standards, strict production and ingredient rules and transparent manufacturing processes.
Recycled product packaging and biodegradable shipping materials are used by Kylie’s Professional. They offer refillable product options, no-box options for online orders and offer to recycle their products using TerraCycle. Kylie’s Professional also uses solar panels to cover all of its electricity needs.
Kylie is an advocate for safe, natural and inner beauty and often speaks or provides make-up demonstrations at expos and beauty schools to raise awareness. The company regularly donates products to good causes such as; Mummy’s Wish and Fashion Able. Kylie’s products are suitable for all skin types, conditions, colourings from Albinism to the deepest chocolate skin tones. Furthermore they are long-time supporters of the Breast Cancer Awareness Network Australia.

What our experts say...


What a joy to use! The most delicate mist of a spray means it makes a great post-cleanse mist but also to refresh tired skin (and makeup) throughout the day. Not a lot of formulas are fine enough for makeup to survive, let alone thrive, so this was a pleasant surprise! It’s really well-rounded, which is admirable. It’s clear that these philosophies aren’t followed by the brand for a passing trend, but that they speak to the core of the company.

–Amy Starr


A supercharged multitasker with certified organic kakadu plum, calendula, rose and aloe. It can be used as a toner, prepping the skin ready for makeup, setting the skin and even to mix with loose mineral makeup to create your own finishes. I have this in my pro-makeup kit to set makeup and give a fresh, natural finish to skin. A secret weapon for clean beauty addicts. Kylie is so heartfelt in all that she does and makes efforts to be as considered as possible. She does a lot to give back to the clean beauty industry especially in Australia.

–Amy Hughes


This mist was very hydrating and refreshing. I had an instant refresh! I love the number of certifications that Kylie’s have achieved and that they are proudly displayed.

–Lottie Dalziel

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