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Kylie’s Professional – Goddessey Skin Nutrition Beauty Tonic


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, mostly organic ingredients. Includes Certified organic kakadu plum, calendula, rose and aloe.
Products by Kylie’s Professional are Certified toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan. They are 98% made in Australia and use Certified Organic ingredients where possible. Only made in countries with consistently high ethical standards, strict production and ingredient rules and transparent manufacturing processes.
Recycled product packaging and biodegradable shipping materials are used by Kylie’s Professional. They offer refillable product options, no-box options for online orders and offer to recycle their products using TerraCycle. Kylie’s Professional also use solar panels to cover all of its electricity needs.
Kylie is an advocate for safe, natural and inner beauty and often speaks or provides make-up demonstrations at expos and beauty schools to raise awareness. The company regularly donate products to good causes such as; Mummy’s Wish and Fashion Able. Kylie’s products are suitable for all skin types, conditions, colourings from Albinism to the deepest chocolate skin tones.

What our experts say...

An incredibly refreshing formula housed in a sleek glass bottle; an absolute handbag essential! I’m a big fan of brands that, despite the pull toward moving production offshore, remain Australian Made. I also love that Kylie’s Professional supports Australian women through hardships.

– Hannah Gay

An enthralling rose scent and fine mist. Evenly distributes across the skin, giving a hydration boost and revitalising skin. This makes it a lovely misting spray for skin prep and after makeup to freshen up the skin. I love how multi-use this is making it a must-have for any makeup pro, or for in your own makeup bag at home. I admire Kylie’s ability to gently encourage and educate in choosing natural products. Having beautiful and functional products like this face mist make the transformation to natural so much easier. Also happy that it is 98% Australian Made.

–Amy Hughes

I love that this mist is so fine that it can be used as both a toner, setting spray or general refreshing face mist and doesn’t mess up my makeup. It kisses my skin with a gorgeous rose scent and brings with it true hydration and a boost of nutrients. I really respect how involved Kylie is in supporting her local and global communities through education and donations.

–Emily Fletcher

Of all the toners that I’ve tried, this one hands-down has the best mister. The toner itself is lightweight and leaves the skin looking and feeling dewy and refreshed and not soaking wet, meaning it can easily be applied both under and over skincare and makeup. I also love the sweet, subtle scent and combination of ingredients, including; Kakadu plum, calendula and rose. Kylie’s Professional is a heartfelt business – I appreciate their efforts to be cruelty-free, reduce energy and waste output and be inclusive in terms of their product offering.

–Emma Freeman

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