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Kylie’s Professional – Mineral Goddess Enchant Lip Liner Pencil


Gold + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including meadowfoam, mango and macadamia seed oils.
Products by Kylie’s Professional are Certified toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan. They are 98% made in Australia and use Certified Organic ingredients where possible. Only made in countries with consistently high ethical standards, strict production and ingredient rules and transparent manufacturing processes.
Recycled product packaging and biodegradable shipping materials are used by Kylie’s Professional. They offer refillable product options, no-box options for online orders and offer to recycle their products using TerraCycle. Kylie’s Professional also use solar panels to cover all of its electricity needs.
Kylie is an advocate for safe, natural and inner beauty and often speaks or provides make-up demonstrations at expos and beauty schools to raise awareness. The company regularly donate products to good causes such as; Mummy’s Wish and Fashion Able. Kylie’s products are suitable for all skin types, conditions, colourings from Albinism to the deepest chocolate skin tones.

What our experts say...

My favourite lip product of the 2021 Clean & Conscious Awards! The packaging is good quality, and the texture of this lip product is extremely hydrating and nourishing. The lip shades are beautiful, pigmented and strong, and they are easy to use as a lipstick, as well as a finishing gloss on top of other lip products. They last well and aren’t sticky, so they pretty much tick all the boxes! Cruelty-free, safe cosmetics, eco-cert, and made with love. The owner seems incredibly sweet and brings a professional artistry feel to the products. I also like their far reaching positive impact, for women and the environment, and their focus on inner and holistic beauty.

– Neha Hobson

Lip pencils can often be much too hard, or very soft but this one from Kylie’s Professional is firm enough to be able to create a proper line without tugging on the skin. I also really love the shade of the pencil. Perfect for everyday wear and pairs with a lot of shades. I love that Kylie’s Professional is an inclusive brand offering a variety of shades to suit all skin tones. It’s great to see that they’re also very engaged in the education space to help spread the word about choosing more ethical and sustainable beauty options.

–Ash Quinn

A beautiful and nourishing lip pencil in a shade that matches perfectly with my complexion and can be used with the majority shades in my lipstick collection. This lipliner is super nourishing and contains some beautiful ingredients including mango and macadamia seed oil. Kylie’s Professional is a heartfelt business – I appreciate their efforts to be cruelty-free, reduce energy and waste output and to be inclusive in terms of their product offering.

–Emma Freeman

Smoothly gliding onto my lips, this gorgeous pencil applies pigment so easily and yet doesn’t bleed and stays put. I’m a huge fan of the Enchant colour and I love using it for a subtly defined natural look. Incredibly versatile, it also gives a great bold lip and is so nourishing it can be used as a lipstick as well as a liner.

– Emily Fletcher

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