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Kylie’s Professional – Mineral Goddess Luxury Cream Foundation


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including organic jojoba oil and shea butter.
Products by Kylie’s Professional are Certified toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan. They are 98% made in Australia and use Certified Organic ingredients where possible. Only made in countries with consistently high ethical standards, strict production and ingredient rules and transparent manufacturing processes.
Recycled product packaging and biodegradable shipping materials are used by Kylie’s Professional. They offer refillable product options, no-box options for online orders and offer to recycle their products using TerraCycle. Kylie’s Professional also uses solar panels to cover all of its electricity needs.
Kylie is an advocate for safe, natural and inner beauty and often speaks or provides make-up demonstrations at expos and beauty schools to raise awareness. The company regularly donates products to good causes such as; Mummy’s Wish and Fashion Able. Kylie’s products are suitable for all skin types, conditions, colourings from Albinism to the deepest chocolate skin tones. Furthermore they are long-time supporters of the Breast Cancer Awareness Network Australia.

What our experts say...


I love that this product starts off creamy but as soon as it makes contact with the skin, it becomes almost semi-matte and disappears into it. It looks and feels like skin, and is very light-weight, yet covers imperfections like dark circles, redness, or pigmentation quite well. This would be a great foundation for warmer months or humid weather too! I love Kylie’s high standards from the quality of ingredients, to ethical suppliers and operations, and overall footprint. Her work with Breast Cancer Awareness, local charity/community incentives, and empowering women towards inner beauty really resonates with my values, along with her dedication to cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.

–Neha Hobson


This product is so versatile. I’ve been using it as a concealer, a full coverage foundation and also sheering it out with moisturiser for a more minimal look. Because it’s so pigmented and the amount you’re given is quite large it would last quite a long time. I love that Kylie’s Professional is a cruelty free business with a strong focus on sourcing ethical ingredients for their products. From a social point of view it’s great to see a brand being such an advocate for educating people about clean beauty and also being inclusive in their shade offerings.

–Ash Quinn


Wow! This beautiful foundation applies like a second skin. Perfectly matched to my complexion, it gives even, long-lasting coverage. My face glows whilst wearing it. The addition of plant oils gives my skin extra hydration, making it double as a skincare product. I will continue to use this forever! I love that this brand is cruelty-free and that great efforts are made to reduce waste and power consumption, as well as to give back to society.

–Emma Freeman

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