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Laila and Me – Freeze Dried Salmon Bellies


Made from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. 100% Australian Salmon Belly
Laila and Me sources all of their salmon from Tassel in Tasmania, who practice sustainable farming methods and are certified by The Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Best Aquaculture Practice (independent aquaculture certification bodies concerned with animal welfare and responsible fishing practices).
The brand uses soft plastic packaging made from recyclable material. The products use all bi-products (salmon bellies) from the human supply chain that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Furthermore recyclable corrugated craft paper, compostable satchel bags and corrugated craft boxes are used. Boxes and cartons are also repurposed to send out larger orders and they keep their dental chews loose, wrapped in craft paper or in corn starch satchel bags ensuring minimal packaging is used.
Laila and Me is a female-founded business with a vision to help reduce the gender pay gap and are promoting a diverse workforce. The brand actively challenges stereotypes, through recruitment of older women who are looking to leave the workforce and being able to provide shifts and employment solutions catered to their needs. Furthermore they also encourage women with children looking for a flexible working environment to re-enter the workforce. Laila and Me supports dog rescues and is a major sponsor of the Australian Animal Protection Society providing monthly donations of treats for their dog adoption packs. Another initiative they support is 1% for the planet. By manufacturing locally they help to stimulate the local economy.

What our experts say...


Rocco went crazeee for these little treats. So many dog treats are unrecognisable, so I just loved that we knew exactly what we were treating our little pup with. He was so excited on every sitting and looked super happy with himself as a result. These will be on his wishlist for the foreseeable future- definitely given the lick of approval. Totally aligned with my just eat real food strategy – this has actually solved a problem for me as I can tell they are so fresh, I love to give him them!

–Amy Hughes


Wow. My dog could smell these from before I opened the packet! The salmon bellies are well prepared and dried, easy to give to my dog and she just absolutely loved them. I like that they are natural, Australian salmon, with nothing else added! I love that this company is female founded, and they encourage different aged women to be a part of their team. I also love the nose to tail policy with the product and the fact that they use bi-products from the human supply chain. My dog couldn’t believe her eyes when I gave her one, so they must taste good!

–Lucy E Cousins


The dog absolutely loved the flavour and texture of these treats. The fact that they are simply fish that have been dried out is brilliant for nutrition and health. Great to see a use being created for this highly valuable ‘waste’ product. Clever idea for a company. Certification with the ASC is important.

–Alena Turley

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