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Lashes of Change – Mascara



Introducing Australia’s refillable mascara, offering interchangeable brushes for a personalised experience. With 5 brush options, 3 formulas, and 3 luxurious outer cases, there are 45 combinations available. Gentle on sensitive eyes and the environment.

Formulated with very good clean ingredients.
Lashes of Change's formula is vegan, clean of toxins, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. The mascara is designed and dispensed from Italy and does not use any animal products or by-products. The brand offers a 30-day happiness guarantee and does not provide refunds at this stage due to the high customer satisfaction with the product. The brand emphasizes its ethical practices and commitment to clean ingredients.
Lashes of Change is committed to sustainable manufacturing and packaging practices. They use sustainable materials such as aluminium and PCR plastics and produce in small runs to avoid wastage. Their packaging features interchangeable brushes and refill cartridges to reduce waste and they avoid plastic packaging by wrapping their products in tissue paper and storing them in compostable mailers. The brand's office is powered by solar panels.
Lashes of Change donates 25% of their profits to breast cancer research at the Centre for Cancer Biology in Adelaide, following the founder's personal experience with breast cancer in 2017. The brand is committed to raising awareness and funds to find a cure for the disease that affects many in the community, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations through their research and discoveries. The brand also pays fair and reasonable wages to its team members and works with partners who do not use slave labour.

Product reviews from our experts…


Every now and again a product comes along that totally knocks my socks off. The Lashes of Change Mascara is an absolute stand out mascara. Delivering a legit false lashes effect, I am absolutely blown away by how flipping good this mascara is. It’s incredible! I love that you can trial different wands to find the one that delivers your desired effect. Congratulations, this really is an innovative and excellent product!

I was also most impressed that this small business donates 25% of their profits to breast cancer research at the Centre for Cancer Biology in Adelaide – Bravo!

–Amanda Ramsay


My lashes looked great when using this and it’s nice to know that the brand donates such a huge percentage of its profits – 25%, to breast cancer research so your lashes can look good while supporting a great cause! It’s also cool that you can buy refills for this mascara.

–Ash Quinn


For my sensitive eyes this was perfect. I loved the interchangeable brushes and refill cartridges too. The refillable cartridges are really cool and not something I’ve seen before for a mascara. I also like that they do small runs on production to avoid waste!

–Elise Wilson

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