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Les Huilettes – Mon Huilette Hair



Mon Huilette Hair serum is a vegan-friendly hair oil that aids growth, densifies strands and improves thickness. The serum’s combination of vegetable and essential oils strengthens hair fibers, soothes the scalp and offers hydration and protection. It is free from harmful chemicals and has a refreshing, calming fragrance.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients including hibiscus, safflower and sunflower.
Les Huilettes is a French beauty brand that guarantees 100% natural active formulas with sustainably sourced ingredients, prioritises eco-responsible practices, supports local businesses and communities and produces and packages their products in France. Their products are highly concentrated with active efficiency, free from unnecessary additives and only use natural preservatives. Their production is small-batch to avoid spoiling and all products are efficiency tested under strict dermatological controls. They are certified vegan by The Vegan Society and certified by ECOCERT Cosmos Organic.
Les Huilettes prioritises eco-responsible practices through the use of recyclable and reusable packaging, reduction of over-packaging and avoidance of harmful materials such as lamination and microplastics. They source committed producers with sustainable agricultural practices, focusing on abundant and renewable resources, organic farming with low water consumption and 100% natural formulas and ingredients from sustainable agriculture. In France, the company offers customers free bottle return and reuse, incentivizing them with a 10% discount on their next order.
Les Huilettes prioritises production in France and supports small-scale production in order to support local businesses and communities. They donate 1% of their turnover to associations involved in reforestation projects, partnering with Envol Vert and Up2green Reforestation to support conservation projects in France and India respectively. Les Huilettes are supporting a conservation project with old fruit trees and ponds restoration in Tarn, France with Envol Vert and have planted 500 fruit trees, including pomegranate, with Up2green Reforestation in India, which will store around 75 tonnes of CO2 over 10 years.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love how this light-weight oil nourished the ends of my hair after styling. The vegan-friendly formulation, subtle scent and convenient packaging are also appealing.

I love their certifications. Their reforestation efforts and work across both France and India is also impressive.

–Neha Hobson


This luxurious hair oil has the most divine, earthy, grounding scent, it could almost double as a perfume oil. Two drops warmed between the fingers nourish dry ends while it also serves as an effective overnight scalp mask for enhancing hair growth and density. As someone who has recently suffered hair loss, I look forward to seeing long-term results with ongoing treatments.

I’m also impressed by this brand’s commitment to sourcing sustainable ingredients and supporting environmental conservation and reforestation.

–Emma Freeman


This is a beautiful oil that my long dry hair drinks up. It smells lovely and has been doing a great job of nourishing my mid-length and ends. It’s also great to see Les Huilettes donates 1% of profits and is committed to sustainable packaging practices.

–Ash Quinn

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