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Lexmin – Organic Black Turmeric with Piperine Powder


Made from excellent organic ingredients. Organic black tumeric and pepper.
Lexmin is an Australian Vegan Certified company, with their farming unit based in Cambodia. The brand only uses organic cultivation methods, with no harmful substances to the environment and/or animals. Lexmin’s Black Turmeric with Piperine Powder is certified organic. In addition the brand supports equal opportunity in their labour employment and are against child labour.
The Lexmin farm in Cambodia utilizes a completely renewable energy supply system (wind turbine, solar panels, inverter and battery bank) and uses only environmentally friendly, zero chemical fertilizers in growing their Black Turmeric. Lexmin utilises responsible, ethical and clean farming and manufacturing by acquiring and passing both local Cambodian and international (Euro Assessment body) audits for HACCP, GMP, GAP and GHP.
Lexmin aims to elevate local farmers and upskill them with knowledge so they can rely less on using harmful and chemical-laden fertilizers in their farming and increase productivity.

What our experts say...

I love that the product includes piperine for nutrient uptake and the unique ingredient of black turmeric. The company itself sounds amazing and seems to consider every avenue for creating an ethical product.

– Jade Woodd

This is an incredibly pure and bioavailable source of the superfood curcumin. Made from black turmeric, which contains up to 4 times the curcumin of yellow turmeric and mixed with piperine – the component of pepper which makes it up to 2000% more bioavailable, this is an incredibly potent superfood with known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits. Consumed best on an empty stomach in water or an oil paste, this admittedly takes some getting used to, however the health benefits are clear. I love that it is grown on their own organic farm, it really can’t get any purer than that.

– Emily Fletcher

As someone who is currently experiencing high levels of inflammation, I was keen to try this potent blend of black turmeric and organic piperine. I’ve been adding half a teaspoon to either a glass of water or warm milk with honey – it’s spicey and packs a punch, but the milk and honey levels it out. I love that this company is working to upskill local farmers in Cambodia, that they own the farm and it’s chemical free, and that it’s the first farm in Cambodia to run on a renewable energy system.

– Emma Freeman

This organic black turmeric powder is proficiently paired with piperine to aid absorption of the nutritive curcumin found in turmeric. The fine, earthy coloured, peppery flavoured powder can easily be added to a glass of water to experience daily anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits.

– Dominique Scott

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