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Lexmin – Organic Moringa Leaf Powder


Made from excellent organic ingredients. 100% certified organic moringa leaf powder.
Lexmin’s Moringa Powder is manufactured in Cambodia utilising responsible, ethical and clean farming under both Cambodian and international (ECOCERT, Vegan AU, Euro Assessment body) audits. The brand is certified vegan, is strictly against child labor, they practice equal opportunity, provide employment for single mothers and create long-term employment for local farmers and the community, which will have a positive social impact by elevating their current income and standard of living while reducing poverty.
Lexmin only uses environmentally friendly, zero chemical fertilizers in growing their crops and plants. This year the brand was selected as one of the most sustainable and innovative companies by Eurocharm Cambodia and was one of the winners for Eurocharm 2022 Export-relevant certification sub-grant program. The Lexmin farm is the first farm in Cambodia to install a system consisting of a complete renewable energy supply system, wind turbine, solar panels with control panel, inverter and battery bank.
Lexmin’s vision is not only to provide long-term employment to local farmers and reduce imports of fresh vegetables into Cambodia, but also to ensure the activities, technology and farming skills used by the brand are transferable to the local farmers. Specifically, the brand aims to educate local farmers on the benefits and value of consuming chemical-free produce that will not only prevent further soil contamination but also to elevate their knowledge to becoming more responsible farmers.

What our experts say...


Moringa leaf is a sustainable and nutritious food source containing proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Having the organic, antioxidant rich leaf in a fine powder form is a genius way to easily add it into your daily intake. I particularly like to stir the superfood into hot dishes, such as soup or pasta, to increase the nutritional value of the meal. It is fantastic to learn that Lexmin ensures their organic products are manufactured through responsible, ethical and clean farming. In addition, they are increasing the environmental and sustainability efforts on their farm by installing wind turbines and solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint.

–Dominique Scott


It was wonderful to read about this beautiful Cambodian business, doing everything they can to have a sustainable business for the community. I love supporting a business that has such a strong ethos of supporting locals and the planet. I love that they have a clear focus on fair and equal opportunities for employment, that they practise organic farming and have big plans for green energy. The product is gorgeous and the company is doing all the right things.

–Jade Woodd


I really love the effort this company has put in in creating a fair workplace and prioritising women in the workplace. I also appreciate what they’re doing to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly farm.

–Hannah Edwards

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