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Lilas – Unearthed Mineral Cleanser



A 5-ingredient blend of Earth minerals, antioxidants and amino acids creates a foamy lather when activated with water. This gentle yet effective cleanser is suitable for all skin types, avoiding disruption of the skin barrier caused by harsh cleansers.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients. Includes Australian kaolin clay, diatomaceous earth and aloe vera leaf powder.
Lilas is Australian-owned and operated. They use pure, wild-harvested and locally sourced ingredients. The brand supports the empowerment of their growers and Indigenous people and enterprises they work with. Lilas pledges to work with suppliers that adhere to environmentally, socially and ethically responsible practices. The brand is 100% cruelty-free and does not contain any animal by-products. They are in the process of being certified Palm Oil Free by Orangutan Alliance and Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny International.
Lilas supports First Nations communities and maintains traditional cultural practices and land management for sustainability. They produce their products in small batches to avoid waste and ensure ingredients are pure and minimally processed with no fillers. They use recyclable or home compostable packaging and a protective violet glass that can be recycled, reused, or refilled. All paper and cardboard are FSC certified and recycled post-consumer, and they have strict supplier requirements for plastic-free, zero waste delivery. Their shipping materials are also recyclable or compostable and they support carbon neutral shipping.
Lilas has partnered with Carbon Neutral to plant trees in Western Australia to offset the brand's emissions. They also have a goal to achieve net zero by the end of 2023 through this partnership. In addition to their environmental efforts, Lilas aims to empower women to embrace their natural beauty.

Product reviews from our experts…


What I liked most about this product is how you can mix it with water to create your desired level of lather. I am impressed by their efforts to reduce waste in both the manufacturing process through to their product and delivery packaging – Great work! I also love their cruelty free aspects which I feel very passionate about – Well done!

–Candice Needham


I liked that I could control the consistency of this product when mixing it together. I also like that they support First Nations communities and maintain traditional cultural practices and land management for sustainability!

–Elise Wilson


I really enjoyed how this felt on my skin afterwards, it wasn’t tightening and my skin felt supple. It is such a cost effective way to add powder to water – lasts for ages. I appreciate that it’s 100% cruelty free with no animal by-products. I also love that it’s made in sustainable small batches!

–Eljay Esson

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