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Little Mango – Sensitive Soul – Natural deodorant


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic organic ingredients. Includes shea and mango butters, kaolin clay and bamboo.
Little Mango products are always 100% natural without compromise and Made in NZ using cruelty free ingredients.
All orders are packed with compostable materials such as cardboard mailers and recycled boxes. Little Mango uses fully recyclable plastic lids and glass jars - however they are now switching to compostable cardboard tubes. Local ingredients are used as much as possible. A tree is planted for every customer order and Little Mango products are made locally to reduce their carbon footprint.
Little Mango makes small contributions to charities when they can and has big plans for the future.

What our experts say...


Little Mango has made an easy to use very effective sensitive deodorant. It comes in a lovely packaged, great jar. Smells great too! I also love that they have used natural ingredients and compostable materials!

–Corrine Sultana


This is a drier formulation that is baking soda free, so I didn’t have the usual issues that I get with some natural deodorants that burn/irritate my underarms or that leave a thick film on my fingers after application. It felt like it had a little more drying/moisture absorption action and was basically fragrance free. That it came in a glass pot was nice too! It’s a small New Zealand brand fully made there, where they support local charities and plant trees for orders made. All good things in my book! And even though the cap is plastic it is fully recyclable which is great!

–Jessica Teas


I really like that the smell is very subtle and neutral and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. The packaging is cute and elegant in design. I love that the product uses organic ingredients and that the packaging is all recyclable/reusable. I really appreciate that they strive to source locally from NZ. I love that their products are 100% recyclable and that they try to support charities when they can.

–Stephanie Kurlow

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