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Little Ripples – 2022 Sauvignon Blanc



The 2022 Little Ripples Sauvignon Blanc showcases delightful aromas of melon and passionfruit, accompanied by a refreshing palate uplifted by a bright floral note.

Made from excellent ingredients. 100% Grape Wine Minimal Sulphur.
Little Ripples is a socially responsible wine brand committed to ethical practices. For every bottle sold, they provide one year of clean water to one person and use solar power in their production facility. They partner with charitable organizations to invest in sustainable water initiatives and use water purification technologies to ensure their efforts extend beyond short-term relief. They collaborate with local stakeholders to empower communities to manage and sustain their water resources, promoting self-reliance and resilience. Their goal is to improve health, education, and overall quality of life for those in need and contribute to a better world.
Little Ripples has implemented solar power solutions in their production facility to reduce their environmental footprint and address climate change. By using solar panels on their facility's roof and nearby land, they generate clean and renewable energy to power their operations and minimize reliance on non-renewable resources. Little Ripples also employs energy-efficient technologies and optimized resource consumption in their production processes to promote social responsibility and sustainability. Their commitment to solar power inspires a sustainable mindset among their stakeholders.
Little Ripples has committed to providing one year of clean water to one person for every bottle of wine sold as part of its social responsibility efforts. The brand has established partnerships with charitable organizations and sustainable water initiatives to address the global challenge of access to clean water. Little Ripples sees embracing ethical practices as a reflection of its core values.. The brand invites customers and stakeholders to join them on their journey towards a better future.

Product reviews from our experts…


Fresh, sharp wine with strong passionfruit aromas. I loved that the brand’s ethical and sustainable initiatives are so clearly marketed on the packaging, setting it apart from other wines.
I am also most impressed by the brands engagement with solar uses and charitable activities that focus on access to clean water.

–Veronica Milsom


The bottle is a nice reminder that you’re contributing to something good, while you’re enjoying a nice glass of Savvy B. I am impressed by the commitment to solar energy and renewables to power the operation and it’s good to see upfront commitments to looking after people (in the form of fresh water) while making tasty wine.

–Josh Reid Jones


I enjoyed this wine, and found the tone of it refreshing without being acidic. It was easy to drink, well balanced and had great flavour on the palate – clean and fresh. Their use of alternative energy and a commitment to solar power alongside the support of charitable organisations that bring clean water to communities in need of it are all fabulous to see.

–Alena Turley

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