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Little Stories of You – Harriet Dress



The Harriet dress is handcrafted in Australia from OEKO-Tex certified organic twill cotton. It is ethically made and celebrates girls of all ages. Little Stories of You is a sustainable brand that creates clothing with a conscious approach and a focus on empowering women.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials - OEKO-Tex 100% organic twill cotton.
Little Stories of You manufactures in Australia with The Stiches Co and Gold Coast Manufacturers, paying wages of $31.50 to $36.00 per hour. They hand cut their fabrics to reduce waste and support skilled trade, and only do small runs to ensure a reduction in overproduction.
All of the brand's garments are made from high-quality materials such as OEKO-Tex certified organic cotton and 100% linen, and are cut by hand to reduce waste and support skilled trade. The brand partners with No Issue for environmentally friendly packaging and Zalmon Fabric for their print range, which only requires 10% of the water used in traditional screen printing and uses organic materials without plastic. Little Stories of You's products are made entirely of natural fibres, with zero plastic or polyester, ensuring they biodegrade and don't pollute the ocean. The brand also prioritises reducing their carbon footprint by producing their range in Australia and transporting finished goods via reusable tubs instead of using plastic wrap.
Little Stories of You only works with female-founded or family-run businesses, all of whom are women, to support a female-led future. They donate 5% of net profit to the Malala fund for education and support local manufacturing by producing their entire range in Australia using female-founded manufacturers. Additionally, Zalmon Fabric, which supplies their bags, provides economic empowerment and training for their family members in Indonesia and ensures they are compensated in accordance with national work standards.

Product reviews from our experts…


The dress is a light weight, soft fabric with a very cute paisley print. My 3 year old could move around really comfortably in it and she looked super cute!

What a huge commitment to a female-led future – Love their affiliation with the Malala Fund and the fact that they work so much with female run businesses. I’m also very impressed by the fact that they proudly manufacture in Australia – I’m sure this wouldn’t be an easy financial decision to make – so well done!

–Veronica Milsom


I love the beautiful simplicity of this lovely little dress, and I really love that there is so much room for growth in it, being a flowy design.

I love their focus on female-run businesses and supporting women (eg. through the malala fund). I also absolutely love the book bag that the dress comes in – a beautiful way to make packaging sustainable and reusable!

–Emma Meyer


Made with silky soft, fine organic cotton and the sweetest of floral prints, this is such a darling summer dress. I also love that this dress is sewn in Australia and the brand donates 5% of profits to the Malala fund. Sustainable from present to future – how beautiful.

–Emily Fletcher

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