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Little Wild and Green – Nature Craft Kit



The Nature Craft Kit offers a variety of natural materials for children’s craft activities. Handmade in Australia, this plastic-free kit includes dried flower petals, biodegradable glitter, botanical colour powder and crystal chips. All ingredients are home compostable.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients including flower petals, botanical colour powders, biodegradable glitter and crystal chips.
Little Wild and Green is based in Adelaide, Australia. All of their products are assembled by hand using materials and ingredients that are sourced from other Australian businesses. The company aims to support small, mostly female-run businesses and minimize the risk of unethical practices by ensuring most of their range is handmade in Australia. Additionally, this approach helps minimize emissions related to international freight.
Little Wild and Green is a completely single-use plastic-free business that chooses sustainable and natural products for their textiles, toys, and skincare. They avoid unnecessary packaging and printing and re-use boxes or use paper for composting when possible. The company also uses recycled materials, donates unsold stock to charity, and promotes their eco and sustainability efforts through social media. Their products are designed to be high-quality and reusable or recyclable for future generations.
Little Wild and Green aims to provide a virtual destination for purchasing eco, natural, and ethically made products for babies and kids as an alternative to unsustainable big chain shops. They offer local pick-up for their eco baby gift boxes and share eco tips and inspiration on their social media in hopes of promoting sustainability in their community. They also donate 10% of their profits to Clean Up Australia and support other sustainability-minded businesses.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the open ended nature of this craft kit. It’s beautiful that it can be used in so many ways and accompany so many types of play to elevate and enhance them. I also love the brand’s dedication to supporting female run businesses and its support of Clean Up Australia through its profits!

–Emma Meyer


The first thing I noticed when opening the Little Wild and Green Nature Craft Kit was that it smells amazing! It’s a great little kit to enhance your play, with elements like dried flowers, crystals and coloured powder that can be added to play dough, nature collages or fizzy potions. I love that there are play ideas included and a QR code to scan for more craft ideas. I also love that the business is single use plastic free and sources materials and ingredients locally!

–Fiona Morouco


We loved that this product encouraged the use of imagination, play and question – what shall make out of this? It got the kids out in nature and naturally they made a sparkly fairy home with ingredients that are kind and biodegradable so it’s safe to leave outside to break down overtime!

I also love the whole brand ethos and no nasty surprises – from the products, to the plastic free delivery to the very transparent (and pretty) website where we can find out more details on the business and their practice.

–Lee Sutherland

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