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Livani – Smooth Shampoo



Livani Smooth shampoo effectively eliminates flyaways and frizz, providing manageability and enhanced shine. Its distinctive formula softens keratin layers, making it ideal for unruly and hard-to-manage hair. This product leaves hair feeling silky smooth.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including rosemary, sage, nettle and birch extracts.
Livani is a beauty brand that is 100% Australian made and owned, using local botanical ingredients and offering vegan products. The brand is PETA certified cruelty-free and refrains from using parabens or sulphates in their products. In addition, Livani uses recycled packaging, with 100% of the plastic used in their bottles sourced and manufactured in Australia.
Livani uses 100% recycled plastic packaging for their products and is certified as vegan. Their warehouse facility uses an automatic cardboard cutting machine to reduce wastage by 40% and all packaging is 100% recyclable. The brand plans to run the facility 100% by solar power by the end of 2023. Livani prioritises sustainability efforts in their business practices.
Livani has brought their bottle packaging manufacturing back to Brisbane from China to keep their manufacturing fully Australian-made. They are also PETA cruelty-free certified and use recycled packaging. The brand is working towards carbon neutrality in their warehousing and offers same-day delivery using electric vehicles.

Product reviews from our experts…


Being a busy mom, I absolutely adore the Livani Smooth Shampoo! It’s like my secret weapon for taming those wild flyaways and frizz, making my hair feel beautifully smooth and manageable. With its focus on sustainability, it’s a win for both my hectic schedule and my eco-friendly mindset.

I’m incredibly impressed with Livani’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. From their decision to bring manufacturing back to Australia, use of recycled packaging, cruelty-free and vegan certifications – to their innovative initiatives like reduced wastage with automatic cutting machines and transitioning to solar power, Livani’s commitment to being environmentally conscious truly shines through!

–Petria Leggo-Field


This shampoo has been a gamechanger for my son’s long, thick, brittle hair, which is prone-to-frizziness. After several washes, his hair has transformed – it is shinier, softer and easier to brush. For me, it has helped with flyaways and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. Love the earthy herbal scent. I also appreciate that these products and the bottles are Australian-made.

–Emma Freeman


I like how it gently lathers and removes all traces of dirt and grime so easily! I also like that they use 100% recycled plastic packaging for their products and are certified as vegan.

–Elise Wilson

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