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Lively Living – Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid Vaporiser with Organic Oil


Includes Certified organic essential oil blend.
Lively Living worked with the world inventors of Ultrasonic Technology, Ultransmit to create the Aroma-Snooze Sleep Aid. The brand uses certified organic ingredients, and this product is Australian Certified Organic. The strict standards required to be registered by the ACO provides assurances that this product has met all strict certification standards including: Fair Trade Principles, Eliminating harmful chemicals, No synthetic colouring/fragrances, No GMO and No animal testing.
Lively Living products are bottled and blended here in Australia. Sustainability is a core element of the benefits of being certified organic, biodiversity and land regeneration is central to the practice of organic farming. Certified organic farms reduce the impact of farming on the surrounding environment and increase water efficiency to ensure sustainability. Orders are shipped in plain brown boxes, suited to the size of each order, so there is no excess packing or wastage. Any boxes or packaging that the brands products are received in from the manufacturing facilities are reused.
Lively Living actively supports different groups with gift packs of products throughout the year including but not limited to the Nursing Association, men and fathers support groups, and locals affected by the recent floods.

What our experts say...


I love all the different options (light, colour, sound) that I can choose. The red light setting with rain sounds is our favourite. The oil has an amazing smell that lasts all night and is very relaxing. I also love that the brand supports men & fathers groups. I feel like they are often forgotten and left out when it comes to receiving baby products so this is very refreshing to see.

–Claire Karlson


The diffuser is great. I love that it has so many functions rolled into one device. It also looks very stylish in our home compared to other brands. Educating people on clean and low tox living is a passion of mine and so it’s great to see a company dedicated to sharing this information and providing products to support that lifestyle.

–Courtney Dow


This is a delightful white noise machine, night light (red light included) and aromatherapy vaporizer/ humidifier all in one. I find it very easy to use, it has all nursery essentials covered and comes with a beautiful certified organic, baby safe aromatherapy blend. The steam automatically turns off when it runs out of water and it is all cool to the touch and toddler friendly. I have used it daily since I received it and will continue to do so. I also have just purchased one for my brother who is about to have a baby as a baby shower gift. I highly recommend this product.

–Emily Fletcher

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