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Lively Living – Organic Gratitude Essential Oil Blend


Formulated from excellent, made from 9 100% Certified organic essential oils.
Lively Living uses certified organic ingredients, and this product is Australian Certified Organic. The strict standards required to be registered by the ACO provides assurances that this product has met all strict certification standards including: Fair Trade Principles, Eliminating harmful chemicals, No synthetic colouring/fragrances, No GMO and No animal testing.
Lively Living products are bottled and blended here in Australia. Sustainability is a core element of the benefits of being certified organic, biodiversity and land regeneration is central to the practice of organic farming. Certified organic farms reduce the impact of farming on the surrounding environment and increase water efficiency to ensure sustainability. Orders are shipped in plain brown boxes, suited to the size of each order, so there is no excess packing or wastage. Any boxes or packaging that the brands products are received in from the manufacturing facilities are reused.
Lively Living actively supports different groups with gift packs of products throughout the year including but not limited to the Nursing Association, men and fathers support groups, and locals affected by the recent floods.

What our experts say...


The Gratitude Essential Oil blend is uplifting and perfect to be diffused at the end of a busy day! I liked the mix of geranium and ylang ylang with a variety of other well being oils. A beautiful scent to fill your home. Lively Living has focussed on non toxic and organic ingredients, specifically Australian made products which are all close to my heart.

–Corrine Sultana


It has an enriching fragrance that fills the senses but doesn’t overwhelm. A very nice aid to calming down especially after a stressful work day. Definitely ticking most of my value boxes, especially in helping people.

–Ria Andriani


This vibrant, cirtusy coloured blend is utterly delightful. The energising combination of ingredients is uplifting, with the sweet orange, ylang ylang and jasmine coming forward as the hero scents for me. This is the perfect blend to add to a diffuser in the mornings. It is wonderful to see Lively Living supports Fair Trade and sustainable farming practices through the use of certified organic essential oils. In addition, the brand strives to educate the community on how to be a conscious consumer and care for the planet.

–Dominique Scott

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