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Loving Earth – Gubinge


Gold + Editor's Choice
Made from 100% wildcrafted gubinge (kakadu plum) powder.
All Loving Earth’s ingredients are certified organic, vegan and kosher and are not associated with child labour in any way. The brand's wildcrafted ingredients honour the indigenous people that have cultivated them for thousands of years, as well as the earth and ecosystems in which they are grown – working with the Ashaninka community in Peru, the Twin Lakes Mob Community in The Kimberley, and coconut farmers in Indonesia. Through product manufacturing, Loving Earth gives back to these communities thereby adding more value to their work and increasing the revenue they generate for their families.
Loving Earth ensures ingredients are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides/herbicides and are cultivated in ways (such as traditional permaculture systems/shade-grown ingredients using native canopy species) that help restore native ecosystems, prevent erosion and support water conservation. For example, the brand’s cacao is grown in a regenerative way by the indigenous people of the land in Peru. All Loving Earth’s products are made in a solar-powered factory and the brand uses home compostable packaging and vegetable inks, as well as biofill packaging for sending out products. In addition, the brand’s office is dedicated to recycling.
In Australia, every purchase of the Gubinge powder and Jilungin Dreaming tea supports the Twin Lakes community, not only in their harvest, but also in the landcare work that they do. Bruno Dann, an elder from the Winawaal region is bringing back the ancestral ways of land care to the local community, helping to restore the natural balance of the bush. The brand also supports local and national charities, such as Greenpeace’s Sea Shepherd, through their promotional activity.

What our experts say...

I like that this is an Australian grown native superfood, harvested by the traditional custodians of the land. I love using this product, and hope to see more and more people support native, wholefood vitamin C as it really is of great quality and so easy to consume.

– Jade Woodd

This is true superfood simplicity at its best. Wildcrafted and single ingredient, there’s an earthiness and purity to this product. It has me reaching for it each morning as at this time of uncertainty, there’s nothing better than sourcing the best from mother nature to support us both mentally and nutritionally.

– Emily Fletcher

Having been fascinated with the use of native Kakadu Plum in skincare for a while now, I was extremely excited to ingest this “gubinge” powder. Despite it’s vitamin C potency, when mixed with water, the flavour is subtle and does taste slightly like plum! I’ve now replaced my regular vitamin C tablets with a daily dose of gubinge. Not only does this product support Indigenous farming and the ancestral practices of taking care of land and community, but 100% of profits go back to the community where the Gubinge powder is wild harvested. And then there’s everything else that Loving Earth does: they are setting an extremely high standard and I salute them.

– Emma Freeman

Keeping with Nyul Nyul tradition, this wildcrafted kakadu plum powder contains both seed and fruit. The light earthy colour and soft texture is contrasted by a high potency of vitamin C. Wonderfully, Loving Earth gives all profits from this product straight back to the community who harvest the Gubinge powder.

– Dominique Scott

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