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Luk Beautifood – Berry Bite Lipstick Crayon



The Berry Bite lipstick crayon and lip liner is a high pigment and hydrating product with a long-lasting effect. This vegan natural lipstick provides all-day wear, full coverage and a rich, demi-matte finish in a deep maroon (rich red brown) shade.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including organic coconut oil and vitamin E.
Luk Beautifood produces vegan and cruelty-free beauty products made from 100% natural ingredients without synthetic additives, such as parabens and mineral oils. The products are free from talc, synthetic fragrances and nanomaterials and are never tested on animals. The brand is committed to improving supply chain transparency and offers holistic beauty education to empower women to make healthy choices for their bodies. Luk is certified PETA Cruelty-Free and its Vegan Lipstick Crayon range is Certified Vegan Australia. The brand uses natural origin ingredients and publishes a "Dirty list" of ingredients it does not use to ensure the health and well-being of its customers.
Luk Beautifood is committed to using sustainable and renewable sources for its packaging. Its lipstick tubes are made from sugarcane and wood and the brand aims to meet the Australian government's 2025 packaging goal of 100% recyclability. The pump and cap are made from post-consumer recycled polypropylene, and the box is made from PEFC-approved wood with vegetable inks and water-based varnish. Additionally, the brand uses 100% recyclable packaging and shipping materials with zero plastic in its shippers and the fabric bag used for online orders is GOTS-certified cotton and lined with recycled satin fabric. The brand also uses green power in its warehouse.
Luk was founded in 2012 and values empathy, simplicity, and honesty. The founder, Cindy Luken, is a qualified food scientist who guides the business with a culture of innovation to meet the evolving needs of modern women. The Luk team has a flexible work environment that enables them to care for their families and themselves. Cindy speaks and mentors various groups and individuals and has been awarded an honorary masters of science and admission to the Australian business women's hall of fame for her contribution to engaging young women in the fields of applied science, food, nutrition and beauty wellness.

Product reviews from our experts…


Highly-pigmented, easy to use and well-lasting on the lips. The creamy, comfortable texture and easy crayon packaging means they are a staple in my makeup wardrobe! I love the nutritional approach they take as a brand too.

I love to see a brand who is Certified CF and Certified Vegan. Cindy seems to have a far reaching impact on educating women, is conscious when it comes to healthy formulations, and an advocate for holistic beauty which is great to see.

–Neha Hobson


I love that this Luk Beautifood Berry Bite Lipstick crayon is a lip liner and lipstick in one! The formula is super soft and moisturising, really comfortable to wear and highly pigmented, a little goes a long way!

I was most impressed that Luk Beautifood uses green power in its warehouse and the Founders induction into the Australian business women’s hall of fame for her contribution to engaging young women in the fields of applied science, food, nutrition and beauty wellness is impressive.

–Amanda Ramsay


This isn’t a colour I would usually gravitate towards but I absolutely love how it looks! Berry Bite is such a beautiful and creamy colour which doesn’t bleed and creates a bold lip finish. The pencil doesn’t tug or pull on the lips which I really appreciate and it allows me to line, define and fill my lips with precision and ease.

I love that the lipstick crayon is Vegan Australia Certified and that it is made from all natural ingredients so I can safely wear it knowing that I am not consuming any chemicals or nasties. I also appreciate how sustainable their packaging and practices are. They have really considered every component to ensure it can either be composted, recycled or disposed of thoughtfully to minimise waste and impact to our planet.

–Marisa Robinson

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