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Luvme Eco – 68% eco, Haléco-disposable nappies, Bulk Box


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 68% biodegradable plant based materials. Contain no perfumes, lotions or latex.
LuvMe carefully selects manufacturing partners that are ethical and use sustainable methods for production. Haléco was designed as a more affordable eco range, to make sustainability more accessible for all. Preferred plant-based ingredients are chosen by being fast growing, replanted and sensibly sustained. Haléco nappies are 68% biodegradable, use plant based inks and contain no nasties.
Luvme works on a circular business system. Instead of creating all products being bought and thrown away after use they use recyclable and biodegradable materials. By using plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging, LuvMe products ensure reduction in plastic. Materials are created in an off-grid facility that uses renewable energy. Their products are manufactured in New Zealand and China using renewable energy and they are working towards producing a 100% biodegradable and compostable nappy to go along with their incredible 100% biodegradable wipe products. FSC Accredited Packaging and Cartons are used and Responsible Farming practices for Bamboo Forests are followed.
Luvme Eco supports an incredible array of initiatives including; Donating to charities, midwifery groups, baby bags, Luvme Foundation, Hope hampers and Baby Give Back to name just a few. Furthermore they commissioned artwork for their packaging and products from Australian Artists and proudly promote equality whilst being diverse.

What our experts say...


These nappies feel super luxurious and soft to touch, I really like the fit of the nappy and its generosity in sizing. These nappies had no leakages or odour when wet. These are probably my favourite nappies that I have tried and I will be purchasing these again, I love them! I also love what Luvme Eco is doing for our Earth, and I think that it’s amazing that they work with so many charities to help others.

–Samantha Gilmore


These nappies are soft, easy to fit, and hold up really well overnight! As a cloth nappy mum it’s important to me to find disposable nappies that are both eco-conscious and absorbent enough to use through the night, so these nappies have been a fantastic option for our family. The wetness indicator is a great feature saving time and waste! These are extremely reliable nappies! I love that they are 65% biodegradable and break down in just 120 days! I also love how thoroughly the company has worked to make their products sustainable from start to finish – from using recycled resources and renewable energy to produce them and working with ethical manufacturers, to creating a product that is 70% biodegradable.

–Emma Meyer


These had the highest absorption and longest wear of all the finalists. It is so good Haleco made an entry level affordably priced version for families that want to be able to make the change but cannot afford it.

–Rebecca Sullivan

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"Future generations are banking on us."

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