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Luvme Eco – Modern Cloth Swim Nappies


Made from PUL laminate and polyester mesh.
Luvme Eco Reusable Swim Nappies are designed as an alternative to disposable swim nappies. LuvMe carefully selects manufacturing partners that are ethical and use sustainable methods for production. The brand's mission is to save disposable, chemical laden swim nappies from entering landfill.
Luvme Eco works on a circular business system, creating reusable multifit sized Swim Nappies. By using plant-based ingredients and recyclable packaging, LuvMe products ensure reduction in plastic. Their products are manufactured in New Zealand and China using renewable energy and they are working towards producing a 100% biodegradable and compostable nappy to go along with their incredible 100% biodegradable wipe products. FSC Accredited Packaging and Cartons are used and Responsible Farming practices for Bamboo Forests are followed.
Luvme Eco supports an incredible array of initiatives including; Donating to charities, midwifery groups, baby bags, Luvme Foundation, Hope hampers and Baby Give Back to name just a few. Furthermore they commissioned artwork for their packaging and products from Australian Artists and proudly promote equality whilst being diverse.

What our experts say...


LUVME eco’s Modern Cloth Swim Nappy is the only swim nappy you will need for the first two years of your bub’s life. It’s easy to use, comfy for babies, and sizes up as they grow. I love how easy it is to replace potentially 100s of disposables from landfill with this one nappy! I also enjoy that LUVME eco is focused on producing a quality product that reduces waste at an affordable price. I like that the brand considers its supply chain in full and looks at giving back to the community.

–Brittanie Dreghorn


I love the minimal prints and lush feel of the fabric of this swim nappy. As a cloth nappy mum I love that this swim nappy can also be used as a cover for prefold/flat cloth nappies, meaning that it can be used everyday and not only for swimming! I also love this brand’s philosophy and how much thought and intention they put into all the extra details, such as commissioning Australian artists for their packaging and prints. As a consumer it gives me so much confidence to be able to buy from a brand that is so intentional about every part of their process!

–Emma Meyer


This reusable swim nappy is suitable for babies all the way up to large toddlers (18kg!). If you are purchasing it for a 6 month + bub, you will get a great span of use out of this nappy as it is more generously sized at the larger end of the range. This is a really great product which will help you to save so many disposable swim nappies which would otherwise go to landfill. I found it so easy to use and it also dries really quickly, ready for the next use.

–Emily Fletcher

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