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Luvme – Haléco Plant-Based 68% Biodegradable Eco Disposable Nappy



Luvme Haléco plant-based nappies, with 68% biodegradability, are soft, high-quality and environmentally friendly. They have received awards for their exceptional performance.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 68% biodegradable plant based materials. Contain no perfumes, lotions or latex.
Luvme designed the Haléco range to fill a gap in the market for affordable eco-friendly nappies, using a plant-based formula rather than bamboo. The company's manufacturer is a New Zealand Fernmark company that uses renewable energy on site and the wipes are made in an off-grid facility in New Zealand. Luvme aims to use responsible FSC accredited farming of its preferred plants and does not support child labour or unethical farming practices. The company is transparent with staff and customers to be more efficient with communications and product development, with the ultimate goal of making a positive impact and leaving a better earth for the next generation.
LuvmeEco is focused on sustainability in all aspects of their business. They have carefully selected materials for their nappies and wipes that are sustainably responsible. Their Haléco nappies are 65% biodegradable, decomposing in 120 days compared to 500 years for regular disposable nappies. The brand also has ambitious goals of developing reusable products and introducing 100% biodegradable wipes. They work with green and credible manufacturers with award-winning sustainability policies and certifications, and only use 100% natural ingredients in their products.
Luvme promotes positivity, healthy relationships with staff, manufacturers, wholesalers, and has created an integral community of individuals who are passionate about being kind to the environment and others. They strive to provide eco-friendly and sustainable choices for Australian families. The brand does not use child labour, harmful or nasty ingredients. They also prioritize recycling, and utilizing sustainable energy. Furthermore the brand also supports local businesses, charities, and not-for-profit organizations such as Baby Give Back, Momentum Charity, Garden Church, Murwillumbah Community Centre, Fred's Place, and Yahweh House.

Product reviews from our experts…


These cute three-fold nappies are lovely to use, compact and provide all the coverage you need from a nappy – without the excessive environmental impact!

The Haléco Plant-Based 68% Biodegradable Eco Disposable Nappy is all the quality you need in a nappy without compromising the planet. I love that the brand prefers to utilise plant-based materials ensuring these nappies won’t be around longer then our babies themselves!

–Brittanie Dreghorn


I love the thickness and how much cushion these nappies have. I love how well they stick. I also love that they are keeping it not only eco friendly but affordable – so that there is a range of customers able to access these products! They are helping charities and giving back to the community – this is a huge bonus when looking at a brand!

–Sharnnah Baker


The Haleco nappies are amazing quality. Incredibly soft and absorbent. The double leg gussets mean no leaks and are even great overnight. Luvme also shows a clear commitment to their brand values from their manufacturing process and materials used, to the way they support not-for-profit organisations.

–Courtney Dow

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