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Luvme – Modern Cloth Bamboo Reusable Nappy



Luvme bamboo cloth nappies are affordable, effective, and eco-friendly. With a waterproof outer layer and a soft, absorbent four-layer bamboo inner layer, they reduce waste by replacing disposable nappies. Suitable for newborns to toddlers, these nappies are designed to fit all sizes.

Nappy made from: Outer layer: 100% polyester (OEKO TEX certified), Inner layer: bamboo terry (70% bamboo, 30% cotton)
Luvme is dedicated to ethical practices and responsible decision-making. Pandas Modern Cloth Bamboo Reusable Nappies were created as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable nappies. The nappies are reusable, saving the environment from waste in landfills and the bamboo used is sourced from ethical farms. Luvme's manufacturer in the PRC uses renewable energy and fair labour practices and they strongly believe in ethical treatment of their staff. The company also values transparency in their communication with staff, freelancers, consumers, and wholesalers.
LuvmeEco focuses on sustainability with their business model, which includes producing bamboo fabric reusable products, such as cloth nappies. Using pure bamboo is a naturally sustainable choice, as the plant grows quickly and has the ability to regenerate. LuvmeEco's nappies also reduce the amount of disposable nappies that end up in landfills and are designed to be multifit for longer use. The company's sustainability efforts also extend to community involvement and working with responsible partners. LuvmeEco's goals include further development of reusable products and introducing 100% biodegradable wipe products. Their manufacturers have won awards and certifications for being best in class with sustainable policies and natural ingredients.
Luvme prioritises eco-friendly and sustainable choices for families. The brand employs a multi-fit feature in their Pandas bamboo reusable nappies, making them an affordable and sustainable option for eco-conscious parents. Luvme also advocates acceptance and equality in their industry, and only partners with manufacturers who do not use child labour, are ethical, use sustainable energy, recycle and do not include harmful ingredients. Additionally Luvme supports small businesses and donates to several charities and not-for-profit organizations, including Baby Give Back, Hope Hampers, Momentum Charity, Garden Church, Murwillumbah Community Centre, Fred's Place, and Yahweh House.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love the soft bamboo lining and insert – they’re so perfect for baby skin! I am also impressed by the thoughtful choices the brand has made at every stage of their manufacturing process. I love that they give to so many charities as it shows their commitment to social responsibility beyond the bounds of their product.

–Emma Meyer


I found this nappy very easy to use, the snaps allowed for a very easy fit and the insert was quite absorbent. I am also impressed that they have chosen to use bamboo and by the support provided to staff and charities.

–Claire Karlson


I like the feel and fit of this nappy. It is gentle on my daughter’s skin and I love how adjustable it is. The bamboo insert is amazing, so, so soft!

I love how eco-friendly this brand is, how they are manufactured using renewable/off-grid practices. I also really like the use of bamboo across the ranges. It feels great and as the brand states – it’s a sustainable choice!

–Crystal Love

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