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Lyka Pet Food – Lyka Bowl


Made from excellent, lightly cooked, human grade food ingredients. Exclusively ethical meat is used.
Lyka is manufactured in Australia, sourcing the highest quality, local ingredients for their Lyka bowls. These ingredients are fit for human consumption, and they exclusively use ethical meat (grass-fed, free-range, paddock raised and wild caught). 85-95% of their ingredients are locally sourced. An incredible initiative at Lyka is the introduction of Pet parent support, including pet friendly offices, food subsidy, and a pet care budget for their workers. The brand proactively supports and displays diversity within their workplace along with offsetting the personal carbon and plastic footprint of each worker.
Lyka uses biodegradable plastics for internal operations and works with suppliers to reduce plastic sent out. The manufacturing facility has solar panels and a low-emission production process. Lyka introduced kangaroo and fish bowls, proteins with a much lower carbon footprint. Over 30% of sourced ingredients are vegetables considered ‘odd bunch’. Lyka is Carbon Negative, they purchase carbon offsets from Greenfleet, who engage in native restoration on three different sites around Australia. Furthermore they are working towards becoming plastic negative and educating customers about sustainability. The brand maintains a tight supply chain to ensure that fresh food enters and exits our facility in a manner that no food waste is created.
Lyka educates customers on Improving Pet Livelihood. Furthermore they ensure that their worker demographic is inclusive, employee, manager and leadership roles are made up of individuals from underrepresented groups, different cultures, low socio-economic backgrounds, and a balance of genders. The brand supports 1% for the planet and donated over 3 tonnes of black barley to a supplier’s cattle farm who had been affected by the recent floods. Lyka also has ambitions to become certified B-Corp, hoping to achieve the certification by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

What our experts say...


Rocco is officially living his best life with Lyka Pet Food, he knows when I head to the fridge with his lip-smacking and gets visibly excited— he can’t sit still! The portion size is good too, meaning you can defrost and have fresh food ready for a couple of days. The delivery service is super easy, making life for you and pooch such a treat. Loved the probiotic boost for Rocco’s sometimes suspect smells— he’s feeling great with Lyka. Mind blowing efforts by Lyka – so impressed by what they are doing in terms of their ethics and social responsibility (for animals and humans involved in their company) just wow!

–Amy Hughes


This dog food smells great, and you can see the veggies and goodness in it. I really like that it’s made from ethical meat, and it’s human grade. My dog Stella couldn’t lick the bowl clean enough! I also like that you can use this food on the licky matt, and that it can be frozen. Loved it.
I couldn’t love this company’s Social Responsibility more. They have really thought about every aspect of their company from the packaging and the sourcing of meat (catching salmon with sonar!) as well as the diversity in their office and the fact that they are so supportive of sustainable practices in every element. They are really making a difference.

–Lucy E Cousins


My dog is completely gagging for these meals from the moment I open the packets, and remarkably they don’t smell overly pungent which is lovely for the server. The quality and consistency of the product seems perfect for my large groodle and using the probiotics has meant there has been no evidence of her having any adjustment issues in terms of digestion and poo-ing. All in all I’m very impressed. It’s refreshing to see mention of the cultural, socioeconomic and gender diversity of employees. Also exciting to see that B-Corp status is underway, this demonstrates a strong commitment to principles that I align with personally also. Big happy dance here also to see mention of regenerative agriculture.

–Alena Turley

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