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Made By Fressko – Tour 400ml Infuser Flask


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Borosilicate glass , silicone lid, real bamboo outer and a Food Grade stainless steel infuser.
Made By Fressko products are designed in Australia and made in China by reputable factories. The brand visits these factories regularly (prior to restrictions) to ensure safe and fair work practices. The Flasks are BPA and chemical free and include real Bamboo from the mountains of Ningbo.
Made By Fressko infuser flasks are designed with sustainability, durability and versatility in mind. They designed the 2 in 1 infuser so that one flask could be used for any beverage, hot or cold. The brand’s products are designed to last and look great for years, without the need to buy a new product every six months. The packaging they have created is a durable card because they encourage up-cycling instead of / before discarding. The packaging gets used as storage containers and even re-purposed as pot holders.
Made By Fressko regularly donates to charities, provides items for raffles, have an ongoing relationship with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and have recently signed up to be a long term partner of ‘Reforest Now’.

What our experts say...

It’s very sturdy and well made, insulates well and is perfect for tea on-the-go! Being glass it’s really easy to see if it’s clean, and it is really easy to clean as well. This product is well made, and came shipped with no unnecessary plastic. I’m excited about the Reforest Now partnership!

– Lindsay Miles

I love the stylish design and the all-enclosed infuser which prevents stray leaves from entering my tea. The flask is easy to use and so nice to hold and drink from. The insulating capacity is great too – my drinks stay warm for hours. I’m a loose-leaf tea drinker but have always prepared a 1L thermos by placing my tea through a large plunger before I go out OR just using a tea bag for convenience. This flask has made it SO much easier to enjoy my premium loose leaf tea on the go.

The product is made from quality materials that are designed to last, which is consistent with my values of quality over quantity.

– Laura Trotta

I absolutely love that this product inspired me to drink beautiful natural flavoured waters and teas on the go – I simply didn’t do it before. I’m a huge fan of making zero waste aspirational and this is a gorgeous product – complete eye candy – full or empty! I loved the paper packaging and glass and wood materials.

–Jacqui Scruby

Elegant and extremely functional, I’ve spent most of my many months of 2021’s lockdown with this beautiful infuser by my side. It has had lemon infusions, lemon verbena leaves, coffee, smoothies… you name it. Not only is it delightful to drink out of and keeps its contents hot or cold, I love that I can pop the tea or infusion in and take it to my office straight away without having to worry about waiting and straining or getting tea leaves floating everywhere when I drink. Perfect for those who are seeking calm and self care but also juggling lots of balls!

– Emily Fletcher

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