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Maeraki Australia – Pure Marine Collagen Unflavoured 200g



Maeraki Australia Pure Marine Collagen Unflavoured 200g contains high-quality marine collagen derived from fish. It is free of flavours and additives, providing 100% pure collagen in a convenient 200g pack. This product is manufactured in Australia.

Made from excellent clean ingredients. 100% Hydrolysed marine collagen made from wild caught ocean fish only.
Maeraki is an Australian-owned supplement manufacturer that adheres to high quality manufacturing standards, supports the manufacturing industry in Australia and takes modern slavery seriously. The brand's marine collagen is Marine Stewardship Council certified and traceable back to a sustainable fishery, ensuring the preservation of ecosystems and the livelihoods of those who depend on fishing. The marine collagen is also tested for contaminants and only comes from establishments registered by the European Union for the production and import of edible fish.
Maeraki Australia's marine collagen is derived solely from fish skin to reduce environmental impact, as it is a by-product of the fishing industry. The collagen extraction process is natural, using heat and enzymes without harsh chemicals. The brand also ensures sustainability in their packaging, which is either biodegradable or recyclable.
Maeraki offers affordable premium marine collagen powder and the brand is committed to keeping the price affordable, despite production costs and inflation. Maeraki has also supported local charities, including Sugarvalley Neighbourhood, Delegate Public School in NSW and Foodbank Australia during the bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic. The brand believes in making a positive impact on the world in any way possible.

Product reviews from our experts…


Maeraki has created an unflavoured powder that is beautifully simple in nature, as it contains 100% sustainable certified marine collagen. I recommend adding this high potency skin, hair and nail health supplement to your daily smoothie or a glass of fresh orange juice.

I think it is wonderful that Maeraki is driven by the motivation to create luxury nutritional supplements that are affordable and effective. They even laboratory test their products to ensure the accuracy of the nutritional content and the stability of the active ingredients.

–Dominique Scott


I love how easily this collagen powder dissolves into water. The fact that it is flavourless means it can be added to juice and smoothies.

I’m also impressed by this brand’s commitment to ethics and sustainability and appreciate their commitment to keeping the price low to make the product accessible.

–Emma Freeman


Unflavoured, so perfect to use in any other drinks etc, also I like that there are no added nasties. It is good to see that only wild caught ocean fish is used!

–Fiona Noonan

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