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MALO. – Nappy Rash Spray


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes apricot kernel oil, zinc and kakadu plum extract.
Malo products are made in Australia using a local family owned manufacturer and around 93% of their packaging is locally sourced from Australian manufacturers. Ingredients are 100% natural and include hero native ingredients such as Kakadu Plum. No more than 10 ingredients are used in each product and ingredients are vegan.
Minimal, sustainable packaging is used where possible. Packaging is either recyclable or compostable including mailer boxes, paper tape and reusable jars. Malo has swapped to 100% cotton reusable drawstring bags for their bundles - sourced from a local Sydney supplier. In 2022/23 Malo are working on an initiative to introduce refills for relevant products in their range.
Malo is passionate about supporting women in business. The brand runs a series "At work With" and "the Inspirational women Behind The Brand' to introduce other women-led businesses to their demographic. In 2022 they donated over 600 jars of their Nappy Rash Cream to Flood Victims in Australia.

What our experts say...


What an impressive and unique delivery method! The idea of spraying and spreading is not only fun, it has hygiene benefits, as no one needs to place a nappy-changing finger tip on the end of a tube, how clever. The packaging and design is also simple and chic – pretty enough to leave out on display in the most beautiful nursery. I love the idea of having more simplicity in formulations – it’s an easy concept that any consumer could access and understand. I also think that for a business of this scale, the philosophies and principles are so admirable and impressive.

–Amy Starr


I LOVE this product. It is so easy to use and keep in my handbag. I literally used it on every part of my newborn’s body from 2 days old. So good on his dry skin and cradle cap as well as his booty. It is fantastic to see native ingredients being championed in baby products and Australian ingredients and packaging being used.

–Rebecca Sullivan


This would have to be hands down have to be my most favourite nappy rash product! I love it! The easy spray bottle makes nappy changing a lot quicker without having to stop and wipe cream off my hands. The liquid is creamy and the scent is pleasant. This is by far the best nappy rash product I have ever used in all my years of being a mum. I also think it’s great that they operate as mostly electronic, reducing paper waste this is a big win in my book.

–Samantha Gilmore

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