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Mama & Bird Skincare – Belly Oil


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes watermelon and cucumber seed oils and prickly pear extract.
Mama and Bird is manufactured in Australia. Products, ingredients, and packaging is sourced from and created by suppliers that do not endorse child labour or sub-standard working conditions. The paper-based components of their packaging are manufactured in Melbourne by a reputable printing supplier. The brand's tube manufacturing is completed in Shanghai by a reputable company. Internally, they work diligently to be an equal opportunity employer, offering fair work conditions and pay, and a safe working environment where all staff and suppliers are treated with respect and dignity.
Mama and Bird’s skincare manufacturer works diligently with suppliers to ensure that ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically. When formulating products, they are looking at effective ingredients they can include that are up-cycled, turning potential waste into functional cosmetic ingredients. The brand uses mainly recyclable/reusable materials for packaging and biodegradable mailing satchels. Sustainable bamboo tubes are being looked into for the future and they have purchased Recycled PET bottles for their new launch baby products. Furthermore products are shipped 100% carbon neutral via Sendle and they run a paperless office, (aside from printed marketing materials).
Mama and Bird supports a local Australian not-for-profit called The Mumma Care Box run by Emma, a mother who is an incredible mental health advocate, HG survivor, and PND warrior. This amazing initiative donates self-care hampers to mums doing it tough. Any glass packaging that arrives scratched or cannot be used, is gifted to a local self-esteem and mental health support classes for teen girls for craft activities.

What our experts say...


This product has beautiful simple packaging, feels light and nourishing on the skin with a really fresh summery aroma. I also really liked the pump bottle, less spillage for me! As a fellow HG sufferer I love their work with the Mumma Care Box to support mums who are struggling!

–Courtney Dow


This product has lovely ingredients! Unique use of them too. It soaks into the skin well and is non-greasy. I love the use of upcycled ingredients in the product range – This does not happen very often!

–Rebecca Sullivan


I love the pump bottle and the fact that it comes with a lid to minimise the bottle from becoming oily. This belly oil is easy to rub into skin and absorbs easily, without leaving oily residue on my hands or skin which is a massive plus! Has a very subtle scent which is great when you don’t want an overwhelming scent (especially after birth when I always want to minimise any external scents on my body that might transfer to the baby!). I love that this brand has such a passion to support women in so many areas and gives back to the community in so many ways. It’s also great to know that the products are made with non- toxic, natural ingredients and that the packaging is sustainable.

–Emma Meyer

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