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Mammae The Embodied Mother – Ode Form Botanical Mist



The Ode Form Botanical Mist is a feminine product, designed to envelop the senses. Serving as a connection to motherhood, this mist marks the start and end of each breastfeeding ritual.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including Certified organic lavender and frankincense.
Mammae is an Australian brand that curates a collection of mother-centred care products made from natural and organic ingredients that are safe for mothers, children and the earth. The products are infused with lactogenic, nutritive, carminative and nervine herbs known for their therapeutic properties in supporting mothers' breastfeeding journey. Mammae sources its botanical ingredients from small-batch, local, wildcrafted, biodynamic and family-owned farms. The brand is committed to transparency, sustainability, and product innovation and its collection is artisanally handcrafted in small batches. Mammae products are 100% natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals, animal derivatives, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours.
Mammae is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and maximizing its positive impact on motherhood. The brand aims to achieve sustainability across its packaging materials and product life cycles by using high-quality, fair-trade materials and reducing its carbon footprint. Mammae has partnered with POLLTASTIC to remove plastic pollution from coastal communities. The brand works with ethical suppliers who share its values and commitment to environmental care. Mammae integrates sustainable thinking from the initial concept phase and it aims to increase the percentage of sustainable materials used in every collection.
Mammae The Embodied Mother is both a brand and movement for women that supports several woman-centred charities through its partnership with i=Change. The brand donates $1 of every sale to a new charitable project and customers can choose which of three charities they wish to support. The i=Change partnership allows Mammae to inspire its community to bring purpose back into their purchasing decisions through a measurable and transparent method of immediate change. Mammae aims to create a world of gender equality, where women have equal opportunities as men and are free of discrimination, harassment and violence.

Product reviews from our experts…


Using this scented spray felt like pure luxury. From the tactile glass bottle to the richness of fragrance, a few spritzes feel like an opportunity to stop and breathe, to relax and regroup (something as a mother, I am frequently in need of). The scent is equal parts refreshing and addictive. I found myself spraying jackets and handbag linings because catching a whiff reminded me of the brief quiet moment I’d sprayed it over my head as I closed my eyes. Such a delight for the senses!

Consideration of sustainability from product conception is such an important way of thinking if we’re going to achieve positive change in a category so prone to excessive consumption. That they ask customers to actively engage in their philanthropy is also inspiring because I think it really adds to the education.

–Amy Starr


I love the unique and original idea of this product – creating something to bring conscious connection and make each breastfeeding experience into a ritual is a beautiful tribute to motherhood and the breastfeeding journey.

The brand has clearly been extremely thoughtful from start to finish in terms of their sustainability and ethical responsibility and I am so impressed by all the ways they are contributing to positive change in their product manufacturing/brand presence process. I especially love that they have clear partnerships such as their partnership with POLLTASTIC to remove plastic from waterways.

–Emma Meyer


I just love the feel of body mist surrounding you! It just makes you want to twirl and you feel so refreshed! This smells amazing and I can’t wait to use it more when I’m breastfeeding again.

I also like that this brand is using clean ingredients, sustainable packaging and supports women centred charities and equality.

–Crystal Larissa

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